Zombie Army 4: Dead War game keyboard shortcut keys

Zombie Army 4: Dead War: It is a third-person game by Rebellion Developments. It was released in February 2020 for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Here we will show the simple and useful Zombie Army 4: Dead War game keyboard shortcut keys with their explanations.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Logo
Zombie Army 4: Dead War Logo

Last updated on May 28, 2021.

Download Zombie Army 4: Dead War Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Zombie Army 4: Dead War.pdf

Movement shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
or A
or S
or D
or ←↑→↓
It is used to move forward / backward / side.
Left Shift Helps to Sprint / Traversal.
Left Alt Use this key for a walk.
Left Ctrl It is used for Crouch.
Helps to fire.
This key will aim.
R It is used to reload.
F Use this key to aim toggle.
X Helps to increase scope range.
E It is used as a Weapon assist / Empty lung (when aiming).

Actions shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
E Helps to interact.
Left Ctrl Use this key to Dropdown.
Space It is used for Melee.
C Helps for Stomp.
This key is used as a Camera swap.
P It is used for Photo mode.
Tab Helps for Open tutorials / Collectibles.

Inventory shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F Helps to use item / Throw grenade.
F It is used to share items (from the radial menu).
Q Use this key for the Radial menu.
Helps with Next weapon.
It is used for the Previous weapons.
4 This key will use medkit.
X Helps to Next item.
Z Use this key to the Previous item.
It is used to cancel items.
1 Helps to select a rifle.
2 This key will be used for secondary weapons.
3 It is used to select a pistol.
5 Helps to equip item slot 1.
6 Use this key to equip item slot 2.
7 It is used for Equip item slot 3.
8 This key is used as an equip item slot 4.

Multiplayer shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Y It is used to chat.
T Helps to Quick chat.
V Use this key to voice chat.
B It is used for Toggle voice chat.
F1 Helps to vote yes.
F2 This key will vote no.

From this article, you can get to know the Zombie Army 4: Dead War game keyboard shortcut keys.  If you have any suggestions, leave them in the below comment section.

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