Zagg Slim Cover Keyboard Shortcut Keys!!!

Zagg Slim Cover Shortcuts:

In this article, we will guide you to know the keyboard shortcut keys for Zagg Slim Cover.


Last updated on Aug 12, 2020.

Download Zagg Slim Cover Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Zagg Slim Cover Shortcuts.PDF

General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Fn+Del Used to Toggle slim cover on or off
Fn+Space It is used to toggle between international keyboards
Fn+Right Ctrl It will toggle backlights on and off
Fn+Left Ctrl Used to trigger the LED to display the slim cover’s remaining battery life
Fn+Caps Lock Used to switch the top row of the function keys from icon function to F1-F12
Fn+W+8 This shortcut will change from Windows 10 keyboard function to Windows 8 function
Fn+W+0 Used to change from Windows 8 keyboard function to Windows 10 function

Bluetooth Button Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Bluetooth1 Used to pair slim cover with your preferred device
bluetooth2 This is used to pair slim cover to a second device

In this article, we guided you to learn some general shortcut keys for Zagg Slim Cover. Kindly, share your suggestions in the below comment section.

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