Winamp Media Player Shortcut keys-{A complete List}

Winamp Media Player: Winamp media player is for Windows, and it was produced by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev. The first version of this app was officially released in 1997. This Lightweight media player is available for smartphones, desktops, and so on. So in this article, we are going to see about the shortcuts that can be used in the Winamp media player in detail with its functions. To know more about the Winamp Media Player Shortcut keys-{A complete List}, read this article further.


Last updated on Oct 06, 2021.

Winamp Media Player Shortcut keys-{A complete List}

General keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut keys  Function
F1 To get the About box, use this key.
Ctrl+A  This key is to toggle Always-On-Top (not available for playlist).
Ctrl+Alt+A To toggle Always-On-Top, use this key (playlist editor).
Ctrl+W Toggle windows shade shortcut key.
Ctrl+D This key is to toggle Double size mode.
Ctrl+E To Toggle Easy move, use this key.
Ctrl+T To toggle Time Display Mode, use this shortcut key.
Alt+W Use this key to toggle the main window.
Alt+E To Toggle Playlist Editor, use this key.
Alt+G This key is to Toggle the Graphical Equalizer.
Alt+T Key to Toggle Mini browser.
Ctrl+Tab To cycle through different Winamp windows, use this key.
Alt+S In order to Go to Skin selection, use this key.
Ctrl+P Use this key to get to preferences.
Alt+O To Go to Built-in Visualization options.
Alt+F It will Jump to Main Menu.
Alt+K Use this key to configure the current Visualization Plug-In.
Ctrl+Shift+K While using this key, will Start/Stop current Visualization Plug-In
Ctrl+K To Open Visualization Tab of Preferences.
Ctrl+J It will jump to time in the current track.
J Or
Keypad .
In order to open the Jump-to-file Box, use this key.
Ctrl+Alt+N To spawn a new Winamp instance, use this key.

Winamp Media Player Shortcut keys for Windows:

Shortcut key Action
R Toggle repeat shortcut key.
S Toggle shuffle shortcut key.
keypad 5
To Play/Restart/Unpause, use this key.
V Stop playing shortcut key.
Shift+V In order to stop playing with fade out, use this key.
Ctrl+V For the stop after the current track, use this key.
C Pause/unpause shortcut key.
Keypad 6
To go to the Next Track, use this key.
keypad 4
Use this key to go to the previous track key.
Keypad 1 It will Jump Ten Songs Back.
Keypad 3 It will Jump Ten Songs forward.
Keypad 7
In order to rewind for 5 seconds, use this key.
Keypad 9
Use this key to fast-forward five songs.
Keypad 0
To open or play a file, use this key.
Ctrl+Keypad 0
For the Open/Play location.
To Insert Open/Play Directory, use this key.
Keypad 8
Use this key to Turn Volume Up.
Keypad 2
Use this key to Turn Volume down.

Winamp Media Player Shortcut keys for Editor:

Shortcut key Action
Keypad 0
This key is to add file.
Ctrl+Keypad 0
To add location, use this shortcut key.
To add directory, use this key.
Ctrl+N New playlist shortcut key.
Ctrl+O To open a playlist use this key.
Ctrl+S To save a playlist, use this key.
Alt+3 For to View/Edit Track Info for selected tracks.
Ctrl+E In order to Edit Selected Track Filenames, use this key.
Ctrl+A To select all, use this key.
Ctrl+I Use this key to invert selection.
Delete Use this key to Remove Selected Files from Playlist.
Ctrl+Shift+Delete To clear the playlist, use this shortcut key method.
Alt+ For to Move Selected Files Down use this key.
Alt+ Use this key to Move Selected Files up.
Move Cursor Down shortcut key.
Move Cursor up, shortcut key.
Enter To Play the Selected File, use this key.
End Use this key to Jump to End of List.
Home  Key to Jump to Start of List.
Page Up To move up by a fifth of a page, use this shortcut key.
Page Down To Move down by a fifth of a page, use this key
Alt+Delete For to remove the non-existent dead files.

Winamp Media Player Shortcut keys for playlist sorting:

Shortcut key Action
Ctrl+Shift+1 Use this key to Sort Playlist by title.
Ctrl+Shift+2 Use this key to Sort Playlist by File Name.
Ctrl+Shift+3 Key to Sort Playlist by File Path and Name.
Ctrl+R To Reverse Playlist, use this key.
Ctrl+Shift+R To Randomize the Playlist, press this key concurrently.

Winamp Media Player Shortcut keys for Graphical Equalizer:

Shortcut key Function
1-0 For to Increase EQ bands.
Q-P For to Decrease EQ bands.
To Increase EQ Preamp.
Tab To Decrease EQ Preamp.
N Toggle EQ shortcut key.
S This key is to open Presets Menu.
Ctrl+S In order to Load Preset, use this key.
A This key is to toggle EQ Auto-Loading.
Ctrl+F4 To quit Graphical Equalizer, use this key.

Shortcut keys for Mini Browser:

Shortcut key Function
Alt+ To go back, use this key.
Alt+ Use this key to go forward.
Ctrl+L To open “Go” menu, use this key
Ctrl+O To Open the Internet Location Box, use this shortcut key.
Ctrl+R This key is to reload the page.
Ctrl+Alt+R In order to Update Link List, use this key.
Ctrl+F4 Shortcut key to close mini browser.


In this guide we have stated about the Winamp Media Player Shortcut keys-{A complete List} in detail with its function. To know more shortcuts for apps, games, and browsers, visit our website. If you have questions, ask us in the comment section.

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