Useful Yahoo Mail Shortcut Keys & Hotkeys Lists

Yahoo!Yahoo! stands for Yet Another Hierarchical Official Oracle” yahoo! Mail is an email service that gives four different email plans, three for personal use and another for businesses. It is used to access the mailboxes using a webmail interface, accessible using a web browser. It is a free email service offered by the American company Yahoo! We will learn about the shortcuts used in Yahoo!, let’s get into this article.


Last Updated on Dec6, 2021

Yahoo! Mail Hotkeys – Keyboard Shortcuts:

Shortcuts Functions
c This key allows you to compose a new message.
/ Using this key puts your cursor in the search box.
k Use this key to open or move your cursor to a more recent conversation.
j Use this key to open or move your cursor to the next oldest conversation.
o Use this key to open your conversation.
x To select a conversation on the page, use this key.
! Use this key to report spam and remove it from the conversation.
r This key is used to reply message sender.
a If you want to reply to all message recipients, use this key.
f Use this key to forward a message.
Esc Removes the cursor to the current input. Use this key.
d Key to delete message(s).


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