Useful Shortcut Keys for .Mac Mail On the Web- {A Complete List}

.Mac Mail: The term .Mac Mail refers to a mail app that you to use any email account you have without having to go to that service’s website constantly. In this app, you can sync your Gmail accounts, Outlook accounts, carrier-specific accounts, work accounts, and so on. In other words, Mac Mail is called Apple Mail. It is an email account included by Apple Inc. Apple Mail is the built-in email software that comes with your macOS computer.

The features of .Mac Mail includes the ability to configure the software to receive all of a user’s email accounts in the list, the ability to change file emails into folders, the ability to search for emails, and automatically append signatures to outgoing emails. If you want to open the mail, you need to choose to enable protect mail activity to prevent senders from using messages to learn your IP address.

In this article, you will learn a list of shortcuts for .Mac Mail. Use these shortcuts to save your working time for sending mail.

.Mac Mail
.Mac Mail

Shortcut Keys for .Mac Mail:

In the below table, you will learn about shortcuts and their function of .Mac Mail. Use them properly.

Shortcut Function
Enter This shortcut will help you to view the message.
N If you want to compose the message, use this key.
S Helps you to send the message.
F Used to forward the message.
R It will help you to reply to all the messages.
X Make use of this shortcut to delete the message.
Use this key to view the next message.
Used to view the previous message.
It will help you to view the next batch of messages.
Use this shortcut to view the previous batch of messages.
U If you want to mark the message as read and unread, use this key.
I This key is used to flag and unflag the messages.
a Helps to select all the messages.
B Make use of this key to go to the back folder.
/ Use this shortcut to search the messages.
P This shortcut is used to print the messages.


You can use these shortcuts for macOS. Kindly use these shortcuts properly to save your working time.

From this article, you will learn about Useful Shortcut Keys for .Mac Mail On the Web. If you have any questions are doubts regarding this article, please ask them in the comment section. Thank You!!

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