Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Stronghold – {A Complete List}

Stronghold: The stronghold game is a historical real-time strategy video game that Firefly Studios developed. You can design, build and destroy historical castles. It makes the medical welfare against the AI in one of two single-player campaigns or online for up to 8 players.

They added a new HD battlefield view that allows you to zoom out and play in real-time, with the whole map on one screen. You can enjoy the complete medical experience in the Stronghold collection, featuring five real-time strategy games.

In this article, you will learn shortcuts used in the Stronghold game. Use these shortcuts to play the game easily.


Last Updated on Feb1, 2022.

Shortcut Keys for Stronghold:

In the below table, you will learn shortcuts and their functions of Stronghold. Kindly use these shortcuts properly.

Table 1:

Shortcut Function
+ or If you want to increase or decrease the game speed, use this key.
Arrow Keys It helps you to allow scrolling up and down or across the map.
Tab Use this shortcut to remove or replace the interface panel from the screen.
Space It will help you to flatten the landscape and buildings, allowing you to see past obstructions. It is also very useful for checking that the walls of a castle are complete.
B Make use of this key to center the screen on the barracks.
G Helps you to center the screen on the granary.
H Use this shortcut to center the screen on the keep.
M Used to center the screen on the market.
P If you want to pause the game, use this key.
S It makes the cycle through all the signposts on the map.
V Use this key to hold down landscape features, allowing you to see past rockets, etc.
X Make use of this key to rotate the screen.
Z Used to zoom the screen in and out.
0 to 9 use the appropriate number key to select a group of troops that you have created. Pressing the key again will center the screen on that group of troops.

Table 2:

Shortcut Function
Alt+` This shortcut brings up the panel to set initial gold, tax, and ration levels in the editor.
Alt+D Make use of this key to show the connection and linkage layers.
Alt+E If you want to kill all the animals in the map editor, use this key.
Alt+H It will pause the game editor.
Alt+v Generating any missing lord in the game.
Alt+, This shortcut is used on the main screen of the editor, allows you to change the map type.

Table 3:

Shortcut Function
Enter This shortcut brings up the chat in the window.
F1 to F12 Make use of this key to send a different taunt in multiplayer games.


You can use these shortcuts for both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Make sure to use these shortcuts properly.

You will learn “Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Stronghold” from this article. If you have any questions or doubts regarding this article, please share them in the comment section. Thank You!!

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