List of Twitch Keyboard Shortcuts ~ A Complete Guide!!

Twitch is an American video live-streaming service focused on game live-streaming. It was operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. In this tutorial, we will discuss the list of keyboard shortcuts available for Twitch. Let’s get started!!


Last updated on Jan 5, 2021.

Download Twitch Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Twitch .pdf

Clips Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Space It will pause the video
F or
Help to show the full-screen view and press Esc to return to normal size
← → This shortcut key will go 2 second back or forward
↑ ↓ It helps to control the volume

Live Broadcasts Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+T It will show the theater mode
Space This shortcut key will pause the video
Ctrl+F This key will help to full-screen view. Press Esc to return to normal size
↑ ↓ It will control the volume
Page Up or
Page Down
Helps to toggle mute
Alt+R This shortcut key will toggle visibility of the right chat panel

Here, we have described the list of keyboard shortcuts available for the Twitch App. If you have any other shortcuts or question, do share with us here in the comments section below. Thank you!! 🙏

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