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Twist: Twist is a communication software for productivity and work. It aims to keep conversations separated by topic, so replies aren’t to get buried in the endless stream of chat texts. Here, we come up with the list of Twist keyboard shortcut keys. Let’s jump into this article!!

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Twist Logo

Last updated on April 29, 2021.

Download Twist Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Twist.pdf

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Shift+1 Use this key to Go to Thread View.
Ctrl+Shift+2 Helps to Go to Messages View.
Ctrl+Shift+3 It will Go to Team View.
Ctrl+Shift+4 This key will Go to Search.
Ctrl+Shift+i Helps to Go to Inbox.
Ctrl+Shift+S It is used to Go to Starred.
Ctrl+Shift+, Use this key to Open Settings.
Enter Helps to Post a message.
Ctrl+Enter This key will Post a comment/thread.

Action (Web, Windows) shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Shift+N Helps to Create a new thread.
Ctrl+Shift+N It is used to search for existing or create new conversations.
Ctrl+Shift+N Use this key to Add a team member.
Ctrl+Shift+U Helps to Mark as read/unread (threads & conversations).
Ctrl+Shift+L This key will Star / Unstar a thread.
Ctrl+Shift+C It will Copy a link to the current thread.
Ctrl+Shift+T Use this key to Add to Todoist (thread & conversation).
Helps to Edit your last comment/message.
Shortcut Function
+⌘ Cmd+[ Use this key for the Previous tab.
+⌘ Cmd+] Takes to Next tab.
⌘ Cmd+1 Helps to Go to Thread View.
⌘ Cmd+2 It is used to Go to Messages View.
⌘ Cmd+3 This key will Go to Team View.
⌘ Cmd+4 Helps to Go to Search.
⌘ Cmd+, Use this key to Open Settings.
⌘ Cmd+[ It will Navigate back.
⌘ Cmd+] Helps to Navigate forward.
⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+0
Used as a Switch team (by number).
⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+[ It will Switch teams (back).
⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+] This key will Switch teams (forward).
Enter It is used to post a message.
⌘ Cmd+Enter Helps to Post a comment/thread.

Action (macOS) shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+N Helps to Create a new thread.
⌘ Cmd+N Used to Search for existing or create a new conversation.
⌘ Cmd+N This key will add a team member.
+⌘ Cmd+U It will Mark as read / unread (threads & conversations).
⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+U Helps to Mark all as read (threads & conversations).
+⌘ Cmd+M Use this key to Mute the current conversation/thread.
+⌘ Cmd+L It is used to Star / Unstar a thread.
+⌘ Cmd+T This key will Add to Todoist (thread & conversation).
Helps to (when your cursor is focused on the comment/message composer) Edit your last comment/message.
⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+R Used to Edit comment recipients.

From this tutorial, we have described the list of Twist keyboard shortcut keys. Hope you like it. Let me know your feedback in the below comment section. Thank you!!

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