TOTAL COMMANDER Shortcut keys For Windows – {Quick Shortcuts}

Total Commander Shortcuts:

Total Commander is a file manager. With the help of shortcut keys for Total Commander, you can easily make navigation operations like copy, move, view, or delete files.

Here we come up with a list of keyboard shortcuts for Total Commander, which will help you to do your work quickly without reaching a mouse.

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Last updated on Aug 3, 2020.

Download TOTAL COMMANDER Keyboard Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: TOTAL COMMANDER Shortcuts.PDF

Shortcut Function
ALT+F1 Used to Change left drive
ALT+F2 It is used to Change the right drive
ALT+ Helps to Open list of visited directories
ALT+ Used to Jump to the previous directory
ALT+ Jump to next directory
CTRL+< It is used to Jump to root directory
Backspace It is used to change to the parent directory
Tab Used to switch between left and right file list

Selections Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
InsertorSpace It is used to select the current file or folder
* Used to Invert selection
/ Helps to Restore selection
CTRL+A Used to Select all
CTRL+L It is Used to Calculate occupied space of selected files
CTRL+ Helps to Deselect all
ALT++ Used to select all files with extension
ALT+ It helps to Deselect all files with extension

Archiving Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
ALT+F5 Helps to Pack files
ALT+Shift+F5 Used to Move to archive
ALT+F6 Used for Unpack from an archive under the cursor
ALT+Shift+F9 Test archives

File Sorting Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+F3 It helps to Sort by name
CTRL+F4 Used to Sort by extension
CTRL+F5 It will sort by date and time
CTRL+F6 Used to Sort by size
CTRL+F7 Unsorted

Searching Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+S Helps to Quick search
Alt+F7 Used to Find

View Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+U It will Swap left and right view
F2 Helps to Refresh current directory
CTRL+R It is Used to Refresh the current directory
CTRL+B It will show the contents of the current directory and all subdirectories in one list
CTRL+Shift+B Used to Show selected files and all in selected subdirectories
Alt+Enter Display file properties window
F1 Used to Help

File Manipulation Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F3 It is used to List file contents
Shift+F3 It will List the only file under the cursor when multiple files selected
F4 Used to Edit files
Shift+F4 It is used to create a new text file and load in editor
F5orCTRL+C Used to Copy file
Shift+F5 It will Copy files in the same directory
F6 It is Used to Rename or move files
Shift+F6 Rename files in the same directory
F7 Used to Create the directory
F8orDel It is Used to Delete files
CTRL+V It will Paste the file in the current directory
CTRL+X Used to Cut file
CTRL+M Enable Multi-­rename tool

In this article, you can learn all the shortcut keys for Total Commander. These shortcuts helped you to do your work quickly. Kindly, leave your feedback in the comment section.

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