SQL Query Analyzer Shortcut Keys-{A Complete List}

SQL Query Analyzer: SQL Query Analyzer is for monitoring SQL servers and can help you to analyze database objects for improving database performance. The SQP query analyzer supports you to analyze a query. This creates queries and SQL scripts and executes them against the SQL server databases. So in this tutorial, we are going to see about the shortcuts used in the SQL Query Analyzer. To know more shortcuts for apps, browsers, games, and more, check out our website. Now let’s get into this guide to know about the SQL Query Analyzer Shortcut Keys-{A Complete List} in detail with its Function. Hope this article is helpful.

SQL Query Analyzer Shortcut Keys
SQL Query Analyzer Shortcut Keys

Last updated on Oct 22, 2021.

SQL Query Analyzer Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys Action
Ctrl+Shift+F2 Use this key to clear all bookmarks.
Ctrl+F2 In order to insert or remove a bookmark, use this key.
F2 For to move to the next bookmark, use this key.
Shift+F2 Use this key to move to the previous bookmark.
Alt+Break Use this key to cancel a query.
Ctrl+O Connect shortcut key.
Ctrl+F4 Disconnect shortcut key.
Ctrl+F4 This key is to disconnect and close the child window.
Alt+F1 This key is to get Database object information.
Ctrl+Shift+Del Use this key to clear the active Editor pane.
Ctrl+Shift+C To comment on the code, use this key.
Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert To copy, use this key.
Ctrl+X or Shift+Del Use this shortcut key to cut.
Shift+Tab Use this key to decrease indent.
Ctrl+Del If you want to delete, through the end of a line in the Editor pane, use this key.
Ctrl+F Find shortcut key.
Ctrl+G To Go to a line number, use this key.
Tab Use this key to increase indent.
Ctrl+Shift+L It will make the selection lowercase.
Ctrl+Shift+U It will make selection uppercase.
Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert Paste shortcut key.
Ctrl+Shift+R In order to remove comments, use his key.
F3 Use this key to repeat the last search or find the next.
Ctrl+H This key is to replace.
Ctrl+A To select all, press this shortcut key.
Ctrl+Z Undo shortcut key.
F5 Or Ctrl+E Use this key to execute a query.
F1 Help shortcut key for Query Analyzer.

General Keyboard Shortcuts:

Shift+F1 To get help for the selected Transact-SQL statement, press this key concurrently.
F6 In order to Switch between query and result panes.
Shift+F6 It will switch panes.
Ctrl+D If you want to display results in grid format, use this key.
Ctrl+T If you want to display, results in text format.
Ctrl+B This key moves the splitter.
Ctrl+Shift+F Use this key to Save results to file.
Ctrl+R This key shows the result’s pane.
Ctrl+S Save Shortcut key
Ctrl+K Key to display execution plan.
Ctrl+I To get Index Tuning Wizard.
Ctrl+Shift+S This key is to show client statistics.
Ctrl+Shift+T Use this key to display server trace.
Ctrl+U Use database Shortcut key.

More General Keyboard Shortcuts:

Ctrl+Shift+Insert To insert a template, press this key concurrently.
Ctrl+Shift+M To Replace template parameters, press this key concurrently.
Ctrl+L Use this key to display the estimated execution plan.
Ctrl+W Window Selector shortcut key.
Ctrl+N Use this key to get the New Query window.
F8 This key is to show or else hide Object Browser.
F4 Object Search shortcut key.
Ctrl+F5 Use this key to parse the query and check syntax.
Ctrl+P To Print, use this key.


In this tutorial, we have listed the SQL Query Analyzer Shortcut Keys-{A Complete List} with its functions. Hope this article is useful. Leave your valuable comments in the comment box.

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