Sling Player Shortcut keys- {Primary Key List}

Sling Player: The Sling Player app is for Windows, Mac, and Mobile phones. This app was developed by Sling media. By using this app. So in this article, we are going to see about the shortcuts used in Sling player.  If you are looking for Sling Player Shortcut keys- {Primary Key List}, you have come to the right place. Read further to know about those shortcuts.

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Last updated on Oct 05, 2021.

Sling Player Shortcut keys- {Primary Key List}

Shortcut keys for Sling player:

Shortcut keys  Action
> To increase the volume, use this key.
< To decrease the volume, use this key.
Ctrl+M Mute shortcut key.
Alt+R This key is to show/hide the remote.
Tab Use this key to start/stop control mode.
Alt+M This key is to mute/unmute audio.
Alt+R It displays the sling player options.

Shortcut keys for Sling bar:

Shortcut key Action
Right, shortcut key.
Alt+> Left Shortcut key.
Alt+/ Undock Shortcut key.

Remote control shortcut key:

Shortcut key Action
Ctrl+Shift+P Power Button shortcut key.
+ To go to the next channel, use this key.
Use this key to go to the previous channel.
Enter Press Enter to enter.
Ctrl+L To go to the last channel, use this key.
P Play shortcut key.
S This key is to stop the playing.
Ctrl+P To pause, use this key.
R This key is to rewind.
F This key is to fast-forward.
Ctrl+Shift+R To record, use this key.
Ctrl+F Forward skip shortcut key.
Ctrl+R Backward skip shortcut key.
L To go to the Live TV, use this key.
M This key is to get the Menu box.
G Shortcut key to get the guide.
Ctrl+C For to cancel, use this key.
BackSpace To clear, use this key.
←↑→↓ This key is to get the cursor keys.
Spacebar This key is to select.
Page Up Page up shortcut key.
Page Down Page down shortcut key.
I To get the info, use this key.


In this guide, we have stated the Sling Player Shortcut keys- {Primary Key List} in detail. If you have suggestions or queries regarding this article, let us know in the comment section. Check out our website for more shortcuts.

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