Ski or Die Game Keyboard Shortcut keys – Quick Shortcuts!!!

Ski or Die: It is a winter sports game released in 1990. It is developed by Electronic Arts and Konami. The game consists of five mini-games that can be played individually or in a set sequentially. In this article, we shared the official and complete list of Ski or Die Game Keyboard Shortcut keys.

Ski or Die Logo
Ski or Die Logo

Last updated on June 09, 2021.

Download Ski or Die Shortcuts Offline Study Here: Ski or Die.pdf

Halfpipe shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Enter It is used to start any event.
Num0Num9 Helps to perform tricks.
← → This key will move in the tunnel.
Enter Used to (when moving up on the side) perform the trick.

Tubbing shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
←↑→↓ Helps with the movement.
Enter It is used to go up and down.

Aireals shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Enter Helps to press multiple times to gain maximum speed.
Enter+1 It is used for front tuck flip.
Enter+2 Use this key for the back scratcher.
Enter+3 Helps to backflip with 360 degrees twist.
Enter+4 It is used as daffy.
Enter+5 This shortcut key will do nothing.
Enter+6 Used as daffy.
Enter+7 Helps for knee touch front flip.
Enter+8 It is used for a wide eagle spread.
Enter+9 Use this key to twist flip.
Num8 Helps for front pike flip.
or Num2
It is used for the front arch flip.

Downhill shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
This key will go forward.
← → Helps to go to the left or right.
It is used to stop.
Enter+ Use this key to (hold) perform tricks.

Snowball blast shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
← → It will move the crosshair to the left or right.
Enter Helps to throw.

In this article, we have described a list of Ski or Die Game Keyboard Shortcut keys. If we have missed any shortcut keys, or you would like to share any suggestions about this article, then feel free to comment on the below box.

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