PYTHON IDLE Shortcuts for Windows – {Useful Shortcut Keys}

Python IDLE Shortcuts for Windows:

Integrated Development and Learning Environment is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Python. It is used to create Python scripts. It also provides a fully-featured text editor, syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and indent.


In this article, we have shown a list of keyboard shortcut keys for Python IDLE (Windows).

Last updated on Aug 4, 2020.

Download PYTHON IDLE Keyboard Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: PYTHON IDLE Shortcuts.PDF

File Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+N Used to Create a new editing window
CTRL+O It is Used to Open an existing file
Alt+M Helps to Open module
Alt+C It will Show classes and methods in the current file
CTRL+S This shortcut is used to Save current window to the associated file
CTRL+Shift+S Used to Save the current window to a new file, which becomes the associated file
Alt+Shift+S This Shortcut will Save current window to different file without changing the associated file
CTRL+P Helps to Print window
Alt+F4 Used to Close current window
CTRL+Q This Shortcut will Close all windows and quit IDLE (asks to save if unsaved)

Edit Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+Z Used to undo last change to the current window. You can make max 1000 changes.
CTRL+Shift+Z Used for Redo last undone change to the current window
CTRL+X Used to Copy selection into the system-wide clipboard, then delete the selection
CTRL+C This Shortcut will Copy selection into system-wide clipboard
CTRL+V Used to Insert system-wide clipboard into window
CTRL+A Helps to Select the entire contents of the edit buffer
CTRL+F Used to Open a search dialog box with many options
CTRL+G It will Repeat the last search
CTRL+F3 Used to Find a selection
Alt+F3 It is Used to Find in files
CTRL+H It will open a search dialog box for searching files
Alt+G Go to line
CTRL+\ Used to Show call tip
CTRL+O Helps to Show surrounding parents
CTRL+Space Used to Show completions
CTRL+B or CTRL+Shift+F10 Build
F5 Helps to Run the program quickly

Miscellaneous Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+X Check module
Alt+3 Used to Comment region
Alt+4 This Shortcut is Used to Uncomment region
Alt+5 Used to Tabify region
Alt+6 Used to Untabify region
CTRL+/ It will Toggle auto coloring
Alt+T Used to Toggle tabs

In this article, you can learn all the shortcuts to Python IDLE for Windows. If you feel this article is useful, give your feedback in the comment section.

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