Keyboard Shortcuts for Sniper Elite Game ~ Simple Guide!!

Sniper Elite: It is a third-person tactical shooter stealth video game. It was developed and published by Rebellion Developments. Here we will show some tricky shortcuts for the Sniper Elite Game. Let’s see them below!!

Sniper Elite Game Logo
Sniper Elite Game Logo

Last updated on Dec 14, 2020.

Download Sniper Elite Game Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Sniper Elite Game.pdf

Movement & Actions Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
W or
a or
S or
These shortcut keys are used for movement
This key will help to look/turn
It helps to shoot/ tag the enemies (when looking through Binoculars)
Helps to rifle scope/Fine aim when using SMG and Pistol
Used to cycle weapon/Zoom in/out (when using Scope or Binoculars)
Space This key will help to action
C It will change the stance (prone or crouch)
Shift This key is used to sprint
Left Alt Helps to walk

Weapons & Items Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
1 This key will help to a sniper rifle
2 It will take the secondary weapon
3 Helps to activate the pistol
4 It will select the inventory item
B Used for binoculars
This key will switch the rifle ammo type in the radial menu
R It helps to reload
R Hold this key to pick up the weapon
F Helps to use the equipped item
Left Ctrl It will show the ADS (aim) view for rifle
M This key helps to show the map/objectives

Misc Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Q This key will help to radial menu
E Helps to empty lung/melee kill
Z This shortcut key will search the body
Tab It helps to show the current objective
Y Helps to chat
U Used for team chat
V This key is used for voice chat
H Used for environmental tag

From this tutorial, you can learn the easy keyboard shortcuts available for the Sniper Elite Game. Mention your queries in the comment box below. Thank you.

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