List of BeamNG Game Keyboard Shortcuts ~ A Complete Guide!!

BeamNG: It is an open-world vehicle simulation game. It was developed and published by Bremen-based video game developer BeamNG GmbH. In this chapter, we will see the list of keyboard shortcuts available for the BeamNG Game. Let’s get into this article!!

BeamNG Game Logo
BeamNG Game Logo

Last updated on Dec 15, 2020.

Download BeamNG Game Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: BeamNG Game.pdf

General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
It helps to throttle
It is used to brake
Helps to steer left
This shortcut key will help to steer right
Esc It will toggle menu
F1 Used to show the help
F7 It will drop the player at the camera
F8 This shortcut key will help to drop the camera at the player
F11 It helps the world editor
Q This key will change Shifter mode (automatic, full manual, manual with auto clutch)
Shift+B It will toggle dynamic steering (disable dynamic steering if you use a wheel)
R Helps to respawn/retry scenario
W This shortcut key will help to free camera forward
A Used for free camera left
S Helps for the free camera back
D Used for free camera right
Z It will shift down
X Used to shift up 
C Helps to switch the camera
Shift This shortcut key will clutch / Move the camera faster
Ctrl It is used to a node-grab
Tab This key will switch to the next vehicle
I It will respawn / Retry scenario
P This shortcut key is used to toggle parking brake
J Used for pause
L It will toggle couplers
N Helps to show the headlights
M It is used to service lights
, This shortcut key will show the left signal
. Helps to show the right signal
/ Used for hazard lights
Space Used for parking brake
Insert This key will recover the vehicle
Page Up It helps to free the camera up
Page Down This key will free the camera down
Num 8 It rotates the camera up
Num 5 Helps to center the camera
Num 2 It rotates the camera down
Num 4 This key will rotate the camera left
Num 6 Used to rotate the camera right
Num 9 Helps to zoom in
Num 3 Used to zoom out

Ctrl Hotkeys Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Q It will act as ESC mode
Ctrl+W This key will help the part selector
Ctrl+E Used for vehicle selector
Ctrl+F Helps to show the FPS

Alt Hotkeys Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+F4 This key will quit the game
Alt+U It will toggle UI
Alt+O Helps to share the screenshot
Alt+P This key will take the super screenshot
Alt+N Used for fog lights
Alt+Enter This key will toggle full-screen
Alt+ Helps to show the real-time
Alt+ Helps to slow motion
Alt+ This key will slower the time
+A Used to faster the time

Shift Hotkeys Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Shift+C Used for free the camera

General Debug Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
~ It will toggle the system console
Ctrl+~ Helps to clear system console
Ctrl+U This key will toggle the UI console
Ctrl+S Used to reload system LUA
Ctrl+L This key will reload LUA
Ctrl+Shift+F It will show the advanced metrics

Vehicle Debug shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+N It will cycle node debug
Ctrl+B This shortcut key will cycle skeleton debug
Ctrl+T It helps to collision triangle debug
Ctrl+D Helps to Toggle debug mode
Ctrl+G It shows the center of gravity
Ctrl+R Used to reload vehicle
Ctrl+M Helps to node visibility

From this tutorial, you can get to know the simple and useful list of keyboard shortcuts available for the BeamNG Game. If you have any questions, feel free to comment. Thank you.

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