Shortcut Keys for Web Designer ~ Useful Keyboard Shortcuts!

Web Designer: Web Design is the process of creating websites. You can also plan, create and code web pages, using both technical and non-technical to produce websites that fit your requirements. In other terms, a web designer is an IT professional for designing a project with creative graphic skills and technical skills. Web designers optimize versions of websites and pages for both desktop and mobile viewing.

This detailed article will learn about Shortcut keys used in Web design. Use these keys to create web pages easily. Please make use of the below-given shortcut keys.

Web Designer
Web Designer

Last Updated on Jan3, 2022.

Web Designer Hotkeys – Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts Functions
Ctrl+B Use this key to switch the selected text between bold and normal.
Ctrl+U This key is used to switch the font style of the selected text between underline and roman.
Ctrl+I Switches the font style of the selected text between italic and roman.
Ctrl+Shift+L It will display the Bookmark dialog box.
Ctrl+l This key will display the Hyperlink dialog box when text is selected.
Ctrl+Alt+ Use this shortcut to insert one row above the selected row in the table.
Ctrl+Alt+ It will insert one row below the selected row in the tab.
Ctrl+Alt+ This shortcut helps to insert one column to the left of the selected column in the table.
Ctrl+Alt+ It can insert one column to the right of the selected column in the table.
Ctrl+Shift+W Used to display your Web page in the default browser.
Ctrl+Shift+Q Switches the display of marker icons for HTML elements that do not have a visual representation, such as comments, scripts, and anchors for absolutely positioned elements.
Ctrl+PAGE UP  / Ctrl+PAGE DOWN This key is used to switch from design view to source view.
Ctrl+Q Use this key if you want to display a 1-pixel border around HTML elements that support a border attribute and have it set to zero, such as tables, table cells, and division.


In this short article, you will learn the general List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Web Designer. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you feel this article is helpful, leave your feedback in the below comment section.

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