Shortcut Keys for Rolling Line Game using Keyboard

Rolling Line: It is a railway simulator that allows you to build your own model railway tracks and scenery or explore pre-made layouts. The game works on PC and virtual reality. In this article, we have listed the Shortcut Keys for Rolling Line Game using Keyboard. Let’s get into the article.

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Last updated on June 18, 2021.

Download Rolling Line Shortcuts Offline Study Here: Rolling Line.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Tab Helps to switch large mode to miniature and vise versa.
Space It is used as a teleport.
or R
This key will delete the object (in hand or placed).
← → or
Q or
Helps to change train speed.
H Use this key to open help.
F2 It will switch between all snapping modes.
F3 Helps to toggle fast scaling.
F4 This key will enable or disable Snap to the surface.
F5 It is used for quick save.
F6 Helps to switch day to night and vise versa.
← → Use this key to make go speed or speeds up mouse wheel actions.
Ctrl It is used to change overall player speed.
Helps to go to menu.
I This key will hide HUD.
T It is used to spray.
C Helps with camera mode.
Ctrl+C Use this key for the last camera mode camera.
F It will teleport the player into active locomotive (mini mode).
M Helps with camera smoothing.
Insert This key will toggle cursor lock.

In this article, you can easily learn the Shortcut Keys for Rolling Line Game using Keyboard. If you have any queries, leave them in the below comment section.

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