Shortcut Keys for RaceRoom Game – [A Simple List]

RaceRoom: It is a free-to-play racing simulator game for Windows developed by Sector3 Studios and published by RaceRoom Entertainment. It aims to provide a realistic racing experience with the detailed car and track models as well as realistic car behavior and sounds. It was released in February 2013. In this article, we have listed the Shortcut Keys for RaceRoom Game, let’s get into this article and learn useful keys.

RaceRoom Logo
RaceRoom Logo

Last updated on June 16, 2021.

Download RaceRoom Shortcuts Offline Study Here: RaceRoom.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
R Use this key for instant replay.
[ Helps with the brake bias front.
] It is used as a brake bias rear.
D This key will toggle driver names.
9 Helps to toggle virtual mirror.
8 Use this key for the toggle position bar.
7 It is used for toggle speed clusters.
4 Helps with the toggle race line.
3 This key will toggle ghost cars.
It will toggle track map.
5 Helps for toggle car status display.
= Use this key for the toggle apex hunt display.
K It is used as a time accelerator.
7 Helps with the toggle speed cluster.
Space Used as a DRS.
H This key is used to flash headlights.
C It is used as a real-time chat.
G Helps with FFB meter.
W Use this key to adjust seat F -Forward.
S It will adjust the seat backward.
Q Helps to adjust seat up.
A This key will adjust its seat down.
Insert Used as a driver camera.
Home It is used as a car camera.
M Helps to move & resize HUD elements.
F12 It will take a screenshot.
F4 This key will toggle the automatic gearbox.
F5 Helps to toggle automatic clutch.
Alt+F It is used to reset FFB.

Replay shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+← → Helps to control the playback speed.

Hoping that the above article helped you to know about the complete list of Shortcut Keys for RaceRoom Game. Kindly share if any case of queries/suggestions in the below comment section and leave your worthwhile feedback.

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