Shortcut keys for Mural using keyboard [Quick Shortcuts]

Mural: Mural is a digital workspace for visual collaboration. It allows teams to collaborate on diagrams visually to solve problems. In this article, we are going to see the Shortcut keys for Mural using the keyboard. Let’s get into this article!!

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Last updated on May 07, 2021.

Download Mural Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Mural .pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Z Used to Undo.
Ctrl+Shift+Z Helps to Redo.
Ctrl+C This key will Copy.
Ctrl+X It is used to Cut.
Ctrl+V Helps to Paste.
or Alt+ +
Use this key for Duplicate.
Alt+Shift+ + It will Duplicate an area without its content.
Ctrl+A This key will Select all.
Ctrl+G Helps to Group.
Ctrl+Shift+G Used to Ungroup.
Ctrl+ It is used for (hold Ctrl when clicking multiple items) Multiple select.
Shift+ + Helps for Multiple selection marquee.
Shift+Ctrl+ + This key will Include locked elements in a selection.
Shift+Ctrl+ Used to Select a locked element.
Shift+Ctrl+A It will Select all including locked elements.
←↑→↓ Use this key to Move elements.
Shift+←↑→↓ Helps to Move elements faster.
or Backspace
It is used to Delete elements.
Esc This key will Deselect the element.
Ctrl+Alt+L Used as a Line.
Ctrl+Alt+C Helps for Connector.
Ctrl+Alt+U It will upload the image.

Presentation shortcut:

Shortcut Function
←↑→↓ Takes to Previous and next frame.

Other shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl Helps to (when moving an element) Override auto-alignment.
Shift+Enter It is used to Make a soft line break in sticky note text.
? This key will Open the keyboard shortcuts list.
Shift Helps to (when using resize handler) Constrain proportions (shapes & areas).
Shift It will take (when moving nodes) Snap the angle of rotation (connectors).
Ctrl+K Use this key to Search murals and rooms.
D Helps to Enter/exit draw mode.
Ctrl+F It is used to Search elements within a mural.
Shortcut Function
←↑→↓ Helps to Move around the mural.
Shift+←↑→↓ It is used to Move around the mural faster.
Space+ + This key will Pan without moving elements.
Z Helps to (then marquee select part of mural) Zoom in.
Z+ It will Zoom in.
Alt+Z Use this key to (then marquee select part of mural) Zoom out.
Alt+Z+ Helps to Zoom out.
Ctrl+0 It is used to Fit content.
Ctrl+Alt+0 This key will be in Actual size.
X Helps to (then hover element) Pop-up an element.

Adding elements shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Alt+N Use this key for a 3×3 sticky note.
Ctrl+Alt+M Helps for 5×3 sticky note.
Ctrl+Alt+X It is used as a Circle sticky note.
Ctrl+Alt+H This key is used as the Title.
Ctrl+Alt+T Helps for the Text box.
Ctrl+Alt+R Used as a Rectangle shape.
Ctrl+Alt+O It is used as an Oval shape.

From the above list, we have shown all the list of Shortcut keys for Mural using the keyboard. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you feel these shortcuts are helpful, leave your feedback in the comment section.

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