Shortcut Keys for Grafana using keyboard~ “A List of Shortcuts”

GrafanaGrafana is a dashboard and graph composer, which runs as a web application. In this article, we have listed the Shortcut Keys for Grafana using the keyboard.

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Last updated on Apr 22, 2021.

Download Grafana Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Grafana.pdf

Global shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
G then H Helps to go Home Dashboard.
G then P It is used to go to Profile.
S then O Helps to open search.
S then S Used to open search with starred filter.
S then T It will open search in tags view.
Esc This key will exit edit/setting views.
? Helps to show all keyboard shortcuts.

Dashboard shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+S Used to save the dashboard.
Ctrl+H This key will hide row controls.
D then R It is used to refresh all panels.
D then S Use this key for dashboard settings.
D then V Helps to toggle in-active/view mode.
D then K It will toggle kiosk mode (hides top nav).
D then Shift+E Used to expand all rows.
D then Shift+C Helps to collapse all rows.
Ctrl+O This key will toggle the shared graph crosshair.

Focused Panel shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
E It is used to toggle the panel edit view.
V Helps to toggle panel fullscreen view.
P then S Use this key to open Panel Share Modal.
P then D It is used for duplicate Panels.
P then R Helps to remove the Panel.

Time range shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
T then Z This key will zoom out the time range.
T Helps to move the time range back.
T It is used to move the time range forward.

In this article, you can understand all the general Shortcut Keys for Grafana using the keyboard.
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