Shortcut keys for Google+ using keyboard ~ [Easy Guide]

Google+: It is a social network owned by Google. Google+ (Google Plus) is Launched in June 2011, and it is Google’s fourth venture into social networking. It had 111 million active users in 2015. Here we come up with the list of Shortcut keys for Google+ using the keyboard, I’m sure these shortcuts will make features more reachable. let’s see them in the below lists.

Google Plus Logo
Google Plus Logo

Last updated on April 16, 2021.

Download Google+ Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Google+ .pdf

Shortcut Function
J Takes to the next post.
K Moves to the previous post.
/ Helps to search.
\ It will search posts in the selected community.
> This key helps to open the menu.
< It is used to close the menu.
Space Helps to scroll down.
Shift+Space Use this key to scroll up.
Backspace It is used to navigate back.

Full post view shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
N Takes to the next comment.
P Moves to the previous comment.
Enter Helps to open a menu for the selected comment.

Action keys shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
C It is used to create a new post.
R Helps to add a comment to the selected post.
S To share the selected posts.
V Use this key to view the attachment on the selected post.
+ Helps to add/undo a +1 on the selected post.
Esc It is used to close an open activity.
Enter This key will open a full post view of the selected post.
Ctrl+Enter Used to post automatically.

Help keys shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
@ Helps to send feedback to Google.
? It will open shortcut help.

In this article, you can learn all the list of Shortcut keys for Google+ using the keyboard. If this is helpful to you, then leave your feedback in the comment section.

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