Shortcut Keys for FlashFXP – {Easy Shortcuts}

FlashFXP: FlashFXP is a small, very effective, and easy-to-use FTP client with a simple Windows-based GUI. You can use FlashFXP to publish and maintain your website. Furthermore, you can also upload and download files, like documents, videos, images,  music, and so on. It provides a unique feature for client configuration. This is open-source software that is available in 20 languages. It is a secured software client to support site-site transfers and schedules tasks.

Features of FlashFXP:

  • High Performance for FTP file transfer protocol
  • You can download and upload the speed limiting
  • It uses remote server folder catching
  • Furthermore, FlashFXP improved the performance of multiple small transfers.

In this article, you will learn about “Shortcuts used in FlashFXP”. Use these shortcuts to save working time and reduce the pressure for uploading files. Lets’ get into this article.


Last Update on Jan13, 2022.

Keyboard Shortcuts for FlashFXP:

In the below table, we have stated shortcuts and their functions of FlashFXP. Follow these shortcuts carefully!

Table 1:

Shortcuts Functions
Alt+X Make use of this key to exit the FlashFXP.
Alt+Double Click To enable synchronized browsing and enter the clicked directory, use this key.
Ctrl+A Use this shortcut to Select All.
Ctrl+B This shortcut is used to pop up the Bookmark menu.
Ctrl+D If you want to compare directories, use this shortcut.
Ctrl+F It is used to find the file.
Ctrl+G Make use of this key to get Manual.
Ctrl+I In order to invert the selection, you can use this shortcut.
Ctrl+J This key is used to disconnect FTP of the active side.
Ctrl+K Use this key to pop up the Connect menu.
Ctrl+M By using this shortcut, you can move the selected files.
Ctrl+N If you want to rename the file, use this key.
Ctrl+O Use this key to change the file properties.
Ctrl+P Helps to save the remote path.

Table 2:

Shortcuts Functions
Ctrl+Q This shortcut is used to make the Queue for the selected files/Directories.
Ctrl+R Use this key to go to the Raw command.
Ctrl+T If you want to transfer the selected files, use this key.
Ctrl+U It is used to copy a URL that copies the full URL of the selected file to the clipboard.
Ctrl+Y In order to create a current directory, you can use this shortcut.
Ctrl+Z To transfer Queue, you can use this shortcut.
Ctrl+Ins Use this key to change the directory.
Ctrl+Tab By using this shortcut, you can quickly switch between browser panes.
Shift+Ctrl+C Make use of this key to clear the Marked list.
Shift+Ctrl+I Helps to ImportMarked list from the clipboard, use this shortcut.
Shift+Ctrl+R If you want to toggle raw command line input, you can use this shortcut.
Shift+Ctrl+S With the help of this shortcut, you can make Select all Marked items.
Shift+Queue File Use this key to add a file.
Shift+Refresh If you want to refresh the cache, use this key.

General Shortcuts for FlashFXP:

Shortcuts Functions
Space To toggle marked lists, use this key.
Backspace Change to the Parent directory, use this key.
Ins This key is used to make the directory.
Del Use this key to delete the selected file.
Esc Press this key to close the internal editor.
F1 If you want to go to the help section, use this key.
F2 Helps to rename the file name.
F3 Use this key Find/Find Next.
F4 It will go to the Site Manager.
F5 This key is used to Refresh the file.
F6 If you want to go to the preferences, use this key.
F7 By pressing this key, you can define the commands.
F9 Use this key to minimize the System Tray.
F12 Make use of this key to open a new copy of FlashFXP.


You can use these shortcuts for both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Make sure to follow the shortcuts correctly.

From this article, you will learn about, “Shortcut Keys for FlashFXP”. If you have any queries and feedback about this article, please mention them in the comment section. Thank You!

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