Shortcut Keys for Corel WordPerfect – {All Hotkeys}

Corel WordPerfect: Corel WordPerfect is the word processor which is used to create documents, letters, brochures, resumes, and more. It was the most wanted word processor in the world. It is equipped with built-in accessibility features, which are used to customize your workspace and perform tasks more efficiently. Furthermore, these features include changing the level of the document, creating the toolbars, Assigning the shortcuts for the keyboard. Originally, it was developed by Satellite Software International, now it was owned by Corel.

In this article, you will learn some shortcuts used in Corel WordPerfect. Use these shortcuts to save a significant amount of time. Let’s get into this article.

Corel WordPerfect
Corel WordPerfect

Last Updated on Jan6, 2022.

Corel WordPerfect – Keyboard Shortcuts:

Shortcuts Functions
Ctrl+E Make use of this key to align the words in the center.
Ctrl+J This key is used to align the word is justified.
Ctrl+L To align the words on the left, use this key.
Ctrl+R Used to align the words on the right side.
Shift+Enter If you want to create a new page, use this key.
Ctrl+W To insert a symbol, use this key.
F3 This key is used to save as a Word document.
F7 Make use of this key to indent the words.
F12 If you want to insert the table in the document, use this key.
Ctrl+F1 Use this key to check the spelling of the words.
Ctrl+F4 Helps to close the document.
Ctrl+F5 If you want to view the document in the draft, use this key.
Ctrl+F11 To insert the horizontal line, use this key.
Ctrl+Shift+F3 Make use of this key to show/hide paragraph tags.
Ctrl+Shift+F7 Use this key to double indent the Word document.
Ctrl+Shift+F11 If you want to insert a vertical line, use this key.
Alt+F1 This key is used to check the words by thesaurus.
Alt+F5 Open the page view, use this key.
Alt+F3 Use this key to show the codes.
Alt+F7 To format the line flush right, use this key.
Alt+F8 Make use of this key to format styles.
Alt+F9 Sorting the document, use this key.
Alt+F12 It will go to the Program settings.
Alt+Shift+F1 Helps to check the grammatical of the Word document
Alt+Shift+F3 This key is used to show/hide the ruler.
Alt+Shift+F5 To show/hide bars, use this key.
Shift+F7 Format the line in the center, use this key.
Shift+F9 If you want to merge the lines, use this key


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