PRTG Network Monitor Keyboard Shortcuts – A Complete List !!

In this article, we will guide you to learn the Keyboard Shortcuts for PRTG Network Monitor. PRTG Network Monitor is a network monitoring software. It is a powerful and easy-to-use solution, which is used to monitor all the systems, devices, traffic, and applications.

PRTG Network Monitor Logo
PRTG Network Monitor Logo

Last updated on Oct 07, 2020.

Download PRTG Network Monitor Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: PRTG Network Monitor.PDF

Enterprise Console Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+X In the file menu, this key is used to close or exit
Ctrl+Alt+X It is used to close and exit. This menu item is only shown when the show in-tray option is enabled in the option
Alt+ Helps to next viewpoint
Alt+ It will show the previous viewpoint
Ctrl+K In the edit section, this key will select the scan
Ctrl+P In the edit window, it goes to pause and select indefinitely
Ctrl+E This key will simulate error status in the edit menu
Ctrl+L It shows a large single graph in the view section
Ctrl+S It helps to small multigraph in the view menu
Ctrl+G This key will show the Geo maps in the view section
Ctrl+N In the view section, it helps to show the news feed
F5 It is used to refresh the view menu
F7 or
This key shows the custom tool command in context menu tools(if available)
F9 It opens custom tool command in context menu tools (default: Remote desktop)
F10 or
F11 or
This shortcut key will show the custom tool command in the context menu tools section (if available)

In this article, you can learn some general Keyboard Shortcuts for PRTG Network Monitor. If you have any doubts, leave it in the comment section.

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