Phasmophobia controls Keyboard Shortcuts List ~ Simple Guide!!

Shortcuts for Phasmophobia:

Phasmophobia is a 4 player online co-op psychological horror game. It was developed and published by Kinetic Games. The game was released in September 2020. Here we will see the list of keyboard shortcuts for the Phasmophobia game with its brief explanations.

Phasmophobia Logo
Phasmophobia Logo

Last updated on Oct 28, 2020.

Download Phasmophobia control shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Phasmophobia.PDF

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
E It is used to pick up items
G This key will drop the item
Q Helps to switch items
It is used to toggle light switch
It will hold to open the door
+ This key will hold and move the mouse back and forward to rotate objects.
It helps to the primary action
L It opens the logbook
F This shortcut key will perform the secondary action
C It is used to toggle crouch
Shift Helps to run
T It will show the flashlight
J This key will open the journal
V It helps to Local push to talk
B This shortcut key will help to  Global push to talk

In this tutorial, you can get some clarification on the Phasmophobia game Keyboard Shortcuts and its explanations. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you know more shortcuts, drop it in the below comment section.

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