OnSite Keyboard Shortcut Keys ~ [List of Easy Shortcuts]

OnSite: OnSite is a Point of Sale software developed by Lightspeed. It has features such as multi-user sales workflow, Cover Flow integration. From the article, we learn the detailed OnSite Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Let’s get into this article!!

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OnSite Logo

Last updated on July 20, 2021.

Download OnSite Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: OnSite.pdf

OnSite POS shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F1 This key will search product mode or payment method 1.
F2 Helps to search customer mode or payment method 2–8.
F3 It is used to search document mode.
F4 Use this key to jump to search.
F5 Helps to cancel the search.
F6 It will toggle walk-in/customer.
F7 This key will log out.
F8 Helps to toggle tax codes.
F13 It is used to exit POS or go back.
F14 Use this key to start POS over or new.
F15 Helps for notes.
F16 It is used to check out or print.

Documents shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+; Use this key to spell check.
⌘ Cmd+= It is used for time and user stamps.
⌘ Cmd+ Helps with phrases.
⌘ Cmd+ This key will (on date) edit the document date.

OnSite menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+, It is used for trackers setup.
⌘ Cmd+H Helps to hide OnSite.
⌘ Cmd+⌥ Option+
This key will hide others.
⌘ Cmd+Q It is used to quit.

File menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+K Helps with a new quote.
⌘ Cmd+R It is used for the new SRO.
⌘ Cmd+I This key will be used for the new invoice.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+
Helps for new customers.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+
It is used for new products.
⌘ Cmd+W Use this key to close the window.
⌘ Cmd+N Helps to log into POS.
⌘ Cmd+S It is used to save.
⌘ Cmd+/ This key will open the cash drawer.
⌘ Cmd+P Helps to print.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+
Use this key to change the user.

Edit menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+X Use this key to cut.
⌘ Cmd+C It is used to copy.
⌘ Cmd+V Helps to paste.
⌘ Cmd+A This key will select all.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+
It is used to link documents.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+
Helps to apply the discount.
⌘ Cmd+F Use this key to find.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+
It will be used for iStats setup.

Tools menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+Shift+
Helps with intelligence.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+
It is used for reporting.
⌘ Cmd+Shift+
Used for iStats.
⌘ Cmd+Shift This key will be used for the web Store.

Window menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
⌘ Cmd+M Helps to minimize the window.
⌘ Cmd+ It is used to cycle through windows.
⌘ Cmd+T Use this key to hide/show the toolbar.

Here, we have described the list of OnSite Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Hope you like it. If you know more shortcuts, then share them with us. Thank you!

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