Notepad++ Shortcut keys For Windows ~ Easy Guide!!

Let’s see the various kind of shortcut keys for Notepad ++ and use them to make our work simple. Notepad++ is a free and open-source text editor and supports many programming languages!


Last updated on Aug 4, 2020.

Download Notepad++ Keyboard Shortcut keys for Offline Study Here: Notepad++ Shortcut keys.PDF

File Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+O It is used to Open a File
CTRL+N This shortcut will open a New File
CTRL+S It is used to Save a File
CTRL+Alt+S This will open Save As Option
CTRL+Shift+S It is used to Save All Files
CTRL+P Used to Print a File
ALT+F4 Exit Immediately
CTRL+TAB Move to Next Document
CTRL+Shift+Tab Move to Previous Document
CTRL+1 Used to Go to the Specified Document on Tab Bar, Between 1 and 9(Numpad)
CTRL+PgUp It is used to Move to the Next Document
CTRL+PgDn It is used to Move to the Previous Document
CTRL+W Used to Close Current Document

Edit Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+CorCTRL+Insert It is Used to Copy the File
CTRL+Shift+T Used to Copy the Current Line to Clipboard
CTRL+XorShift+Del Used to Cut any data
CTRL+VorShift+Insert Used to Paste the Copied data
CTRL+ZorAlt+Backspace Used to Undo the Action
CTRL+Y Redo the Action
CTRL+A This Shortcut will Select All Data
Alt+Shift+←↑→↓or Alt+ Used for Column Mode Selection
CTRL+ Used to Start New Selected Area. Only Multiple Stream Areas Can be selected this Way.
ALT+C Open Column Editor
CTRL+D It will Duplicate Current Line
CTRL+T Switch the Current Line Position with the Previous Line Position
CTRL+Shift+ Move Current Line or Current Selection Up
CTRL+Shift+ Move Current Line or Current Selection Down
CTRL+L Used to Delete Current Line
CTRL+I Split the Lines
CTRL+J Used to Join Lines
CTRL+G Used to Launch GoToLine Dialog
CTRL+Q It is Used for Single Line Comment
CTRL+Shift+Q Used for Single Line Uncomment
CTRL+K Used to Toggle Single Line Comment
CTRL+Shift+K Used to Block Comment
Tab It will Insert Tabulation or Space
Shift+Tab Used to Remove Tabulation or Space
CTRL+Backspace It will Delete to Start of the Word
CTRL+Del Helps to Delete to the End of the Word
CTRL+Shift+Backspace Used to Delete to Start of Line
CTRL+Shift+Del Helps to Delete to the End of Line
CTRL+U It will Convert content to Lower Case
CTRL+Shift+U Used to Convert to UPPER CASE
CTRL+B Quickly Go to Matching Brace
CTRL+Space Used to Launch CallTip List Box
CTRL+Shift+Space Used to Launch Function Completion ListBox
CTRL+Alt+Space It will Launch Path Completion ListBox
CTRL+Enter Used to Launch Word Completion ListBox
CTRL+Alt+R Text Direction RTL
CTRL+Alt+L Text Direction LTR
EnterorShift+Enter It is Used to Split Line Downwards or Creates a New Line
CTRL+Alt+Enter It will Insert New Unintended Line above Current
CTRL+Alt+Shift+Enter Used to Insert New Unintended Line below Current

Search Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+F It will Open Find Dialog Box
CTRL+H Used to Open Find and Replace dialog box
F3 Used to Find Next
Shift+F3 Used to Find the Previous element
CTRL+Shift+F Helps to Find in Files
F7 It will Switch to Search Results Window
CTRL+Alt+F3 Used to Find Next
CTRL+Alt+Shift+F3 Used to Find Previous
CTRL+F3 Helps to Select and Find Next
CTRL+Shift+F3 Used to Select and Find Previous
F4 Go to Next Found
Shift+F4 Go to the Previous Found
CTRL+Shift+I It is Used to Incremental Search
CTRL+1 (5)Jump down to next text Marked, (0)for default found Style
CTRL+Shift+1 (5)Jump Up to next text Marked, (0)for default found Style
CTRL+F2 Used to Toggle Bookmark
F2 Go to Next Bookmark
Shift+F2 Go to the Previous Bookmark
CTRL+B Go to Matching Brace
CTRL+Alt+B Used to Select All between Matching Braces

View Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL++orCTRL+orCTRL+ Zoom in or Zoom Out
CTRL+/ Used to Restore the Original Size from Zoom
F11 It will Toggle Full-Screen Mode
F12 Used to Toggle Post-it Mode
CTRL+Alt+F Used to Collapse the Current Level
CTRL+Alt+Shift+F Uncollapse the Current Level
Alt+O Used to Fold All
Alt+1 It will Collapse the Level(1-8)
Alt+Shift+O Helps to Unfold All
Alt+Shift+1 Uncollapse the Level(1-8)

Macro Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+Shift+R Used to Start to Record or Stop Recording the Macro
CTRL+Shift+P Helps to Play Recorded Macro
Alt+Shift+S Trim Trailing and Save

Run Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F5 It will open the Run Dialog box
Alt+F1 Get PHP Help
Alt+F2 Used for Google Search
Alt+F3 Helps to Search on Wikipedia
Alt+F5 Used to Open File
Alt+F6 Open File in Another Instance
CTRL+Alt+Shift+R It will open in Chrome
CTRL+Alt+Shift+X Open in Firefox
CTRL+Alt+Shift+I Used to Open in IE
CTRL+Alt+Shift+F It will Open in Safari
CTRL+Alt+Shift+O Send Via Outlook
Shortcut Function
F1 Enable About (options)
Shift+F1 Used to Open Help Contents

Incremental Search Widget Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Enter Used to find Next Match
Shift+Enter Find the Previous Match

Mouse Gestures Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Used to Set Current Line
Toggle Typing Mode Between Insert and Over On the rightmost status bar pane type
Toggle Bookmark
Shift+ Uncollapse this fold and all those below On fold point
Ctrl+ Toggle collapsed state of this fold, and propagate below
It will Pop Up Context Menu
Used to Select Word
Go to Line On Location Pane, Status bar
Used to Select Line

In this article, you can learn all the shortcut keys that are related to Notepad++. If you think, this is easy to understand, then leave your suggestions in the below comment section.

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