Mozilla Firefox Shortcut Keys-{Essential Keyboard Shortcuts}

Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser that was created by the Mozilla foundation and to navigate and set up easily in this platform there are some Keyboard shortcut keys. So in this article, we have discussed Mozilla Firefox Shortcut Keys- {Basic Keyboard Shortcuts} if you are looking for keyboard shortcut keys to Mozilla Firefox, you have come to the right place. Check out and let us know if you have any queries in the comment section.

Mozilla Firefox Logo
Mozilla Firefox Logo

Basic keyboard Shortcut keys

Shortcut keys Used to
Ctrl+D Key to add a bookmark.
Alt+Left Arrow Shortcut key to go back to the previous page.


To get to the bookmark list, use this key.
F7 For caret browsing.
To close the tab, use these keys.
Use this key to close the window.
Ctrl+Shift+T To open the previously closed tab.
Alt+Ctrl+N To close the current and to open the Url of that tab in a new window.
Ctrl+C Copy shortcut key.
Ctrl+X To cut.
Ctrl+ Use this key to decrease the text size
Delete To delete, use this key.
Shift+Delete To delete the autocomplete entry.
Ctrl+J Key to get Download list.

More shortcut keys:

Shortcut key Function


Find again shortcut key.
To find the link as you type.
/ Find text as you type the shortcut key.
Shift+F3 To find the previous.
Ctrl+F To find on this page.
Alt+Right Arrow
Forward key.
F7 To get Full-screen.
Ctrl+H Shortcut key to get history list.
Alt+Home Home shortcut key.
Ctrl++ Use this key to increase the text size.
F6 To move to the next frame.
Shift+F6 To move to the previous frame.
End Use this key to go to the bottom of the page.
Home To go to the top of the page, use this key.

General shortcut key:

Shortcut key Used to
Ctrl+T To get a new tab.
Ctrl+Page Down
To get the next tab.
Ctrl+N Use this key to get a new window.
Ctrl+O To open the file, use this key.
Ctrl+Enter Use this key to open the new address in a new tab.
Shift+Enter To open the address in a new window.
Ctrl+U Page source.
Ctrl+V Paste shortcut key
To go to the previous page, use these keys.
Ctrl+P To print.
To redo.
To reload, use this key.


To reload override caches.

More general shortcut keys:

Shortcut key Function
Ctrl+S To save page as a shortcut key.
Ctrl+A Use this key to select all.
Ctrl+L To select the location bar.
Esc To stop loading the page.
Ctrl+Z To undo the changes.

Extension Hotkeys:

Extension key Command name
Ctrl+Shift+f5 Reformat page key.
Ctrl+Shift+H To get the headings list, use this key.
Ctrl+Shift+L Links list key.
Ctrl+Shift+S Lists list key.
Alt+Ctrl+(1 to 6) Select heading.
Ctrl+Shift+M To go to the next heading.
Ctrl+Shift+N To go to the previous heading.
Ctrl+Shift+F6 To disable the styles
Ctrl+Shift+F7 Complete linearization key.
Ctrl+Shift+F8 To enable JavaScript.
Ctrl+Shift+F9 To disable JavaScript.
Alt+1 Cycle heading level 1
Alt+2 Cycle heading level 2
Alt+3 Cycle heading level 3
Alt+4 Cycle heading level 4
Alt+5 Cycle heading level 5
Alt+6 Cycle heading level 6

In this article, we have listed some Mozilla Firefox Shortcut keys. Check out and let us know if you have any queries in the comment section.


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