Mordhau Game Keyboard Shortcuts ~ A Complete List!!

Mordhau Game: It is a multiplayer medieval hack and slash fighting game. It was developed by the independent Slovene Studio Triternion. It features a combat system that focused on hand-to-hand combat and alternative use of weapons. Here we will show the list of Keyboard Shortcuts available for Mordhau Game with brief explanations. Let’s see them below!!

Mordhau Game
Mordhau Game

Last updated on Nov 3, 2020.

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General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
W or
A or
S or
This shortcut key is used to the movement
Left Shift It will sprint
Ctrl This key helps to crouch
Space It will help to jump
F This key will helps to kick
It is used to strike (directional)
It helps to parry (block)
This shortcut key will stab (directional)
1 This shortcut key will take the primary weapon
2 It is used to show the secondary weapon
3 This key will take the tertiary weapon
4 It helps to Fist
0 It will help to unarmed
End This shortcut key will help to suicide
R It will show the weapon alt mode
Alt It is used to flip the attack side (hold)
Q This key will feint (cancel attack)
Tab It opens the scoreboard
Esc This shortcut key helps to open the pause menu
` It will open the console
G This key helps to drop held equipment
B It opens loadout select
M It opens the team selected
X This key will show the emote menu

From this article, you can get some clarification on the Keyboard shortcuts for Mordhau Game with brief explanations. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you have any suggestions, leave it in the below comment box.

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