Microsoft Windows Movie Maker shortcut keys- {Keyboard Shortcuts}

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker: Microsoft Windows MovieMaker is a video editing software developed by Microsoft Corporation. This was available for 64 languages. And this software program was officially launched on 14 September 2000. By using this you can edit, create videos. You can edit, add videos, add titles, text, emoticons, and so on. To navigate easily in this software, certain shortcut keys will be very useful. So in this article, we are going to see about Microsoft Windows Movie Maker shortcut keys- {Keyboard Shortcuts} in brief with their function. Visit our website for more shortcuts. Let’s get into this article.

Microsoft Windows Movie maker
Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

Last updated on Oct 13, 2021.

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker Keyboard Shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Action
Ctrl+Shift+ Use this key to assign the start trim point.
Ctrl+Shift+ This key sets the end trim point.
Ctrl+Shift+Delete This key is to clear trim points.
Ctrl+Shift+S In order to Split the clip, use this key.
Ctrl+Shift+C If you want to combine clips, you can use this key.
Home To go to the first clip.
End To go to the last clip.
Spacebar Play/Pause shortcut key.
Period If you want to stop playback, use this key.
Alt+ To go to the Previous frame, press this key.
Alt+ This key is to go to the Next frame
Ctrl+Alt+ Use this shortcut key to go to the Previous clip.
Ctrl+Alt+ To go to the next clip shortcut key
Alt+Enter Full-screen shortcut key.
Esc To Return from the full-screen, press this key.
F1 To get help.


If you want to go to the next pane, use this key.
To go to the previous pane, use either one of these keys.


Hope through this article you get to know about the Microsoft Windows MovieMaker shortcut keys. If you have any queries, ask us in the comment box. Thank you for reading this article.


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