Microsoft Virtual PC Shortcut keys- {Keyboard Shortcuts}

Microsoft Virtual PC: Microsoft Virtual is a program developed by Microsoft. It is a desktop virtualization program. This virtualization program was developed by Microsoft Corporation. This program allows multiple OS to run on a particular server. So in this article, we are going to see bout the shortcut keys used in Microsoft Virtual PC. If you want to know more shortcuts, check out our website.

Microsoft Virtual PC
Microsoft Virtual PC

Last Updated on Oct 18, 2021.

Microsoft Virtual PC- General Keyboard Shortcuts:

Shortcut keys  Action
Hostkey+L This key restores the Virtual PC Console from a minimized state and moves Virtual PC Console to the foreground.
Hostkey+I Use this key to install  Virtual Machine Additions.
Hostkey+Enter Key to toggle a virtual machine between full-screen mode and window mode.
Hostkey+Delete This key Sends Ctrl+Alt+Delete to the virtual machine operating system.
Hostkey+P You can use this key to pause or resume the virtual machine, counting upon its current state.
Hostkey+R This key resets the virtual machine.
Hostkey+F4 Use this key to close the virtual machine.
Hostkey+C This key copies the selected items.
Hostkey+V Use this key to paste the copied item.
Hostkey+A To select all, use this key.
Hostkey+E This key Opens the virtual machine settings.
Hostkey+ Key to minimize the virtual machine.
Hostkey+ If you want to Switch to the previous virtual machine when running multiple virtual machines, unless you are using full-screen mode, you can use this key.
Hostkey+ Use this key to switch to the next virtual machine when running multiple virtual machines, unless you are using full-screen mode.


Hope through this article you get to know ow about the Microsoft Virtual PC Shortcut keys. Thank you for reading this article fully.

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