40+ Mac Mail Shortcut Keys-{A simple List}

Mac Mail: Mac mail is an email service provided by Apple. This email service can be accessible in operating systems like macOS, iOS, and watchOS.  So to navigate easily and to send emails easily and to check, compose mail there are certain shortcut keys that would be useful for users to make their work in a trice. So we are going to see those shortcuts as Mac Mail Shortcut Keys-{A simple List} in detail with its actions. Hope you find this article a useful one. To know more shortcuts for apps, games, and browsers, check out our website.

Mac Mail Shortcut Keys-{ A simple List}
Mac Mail Shortcut Keys-{A simple List}

Last updated on Nov 2, 2021.

Mac Mail Shortcut Keys-General Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Keys Action
Enter Use this key to view a message.
n Use this key to compose a new message.
D You can use this key to send a message.
f Use this key to forward the message.
r To reply, press this key.
R In order to reply to all, you can use this key.
X You can use this key to delete messages.
To go to the Next message.
To get to the Previous message.
If you want to go to the next batch of messages, use this key.
This key helps you to go to the Previous batch of messages.
u If you want to mark messages as read and unread, you can use this key.
l Use this key to flag and unflag messages.
a Select all shortcut keys.
b Use this key to go back to the folder.
/  Search shortcut key.
p This key is to print the message.


Hope through this article you get to know about the Mac Mail Shortcut Keys in detail with its functions. If you want to know more shortcuts in detail with its functions, visit our website.

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