Mac Address Book Shortcut Keys-Simple List!!

Mac Address Book: MAC Address book expands to Media Access  Control Address. The Mac address book is the database platform for saving user contacts. It compiles personal info. If you want to view, edit, delete and select next & previous contact, to get back to the Mac Address Book we have separate shortcuts which we are going to see in the below table with their detailed explanation. If you want to manage the current address book you need to have this Mac Address Book. Moreover, if you want to add info about a person which includes phone numbers email addresses, and images.

This article is going to explain the shortcut with their usage in detail. If you want to know more shortcuts for apps, games, and browsers, visit our website. Now let’s get into this article to know about Mac Address Book Shortcut Keys.

Mac Address Book Shortcut key-Simple List!!
Mac Address Book Shortcut key

Last Updated on Nov 3, 2021.

Mac Address Book Shortcut Keys-Keyboard Shortcuts:

Shortcut Keys Action
n Helps to get a New email to contact.
/ Use this key to Search Address Book.
Enter If you want to view contact, you can use this key.
l Use this key to edit the contact.
To go to the next contact, you can use this key.
It will get you to the previous contact.
b To go back to the browse view, use this key.
X To delete a contact, use this key.


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