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Woven: Woven is a calendar application with tools aimed to help you use your time effectively. It has features such as Smart Templates, Scheduling Links, Insights & Analytics, Tags, Availability Sharing, and Group Polls. Woven can sync with Google and provides applications for Windows, Mac, and iOS. In this article, we describe a List of Woven keyboard shortcut keys. Let’s get into the article!!

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Last updated on May 19, 2021.

Download Woven Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Woven.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function

or P
Helps to navigate to the previous period on the calendar.

or N
It is used to navigate to the next period on the calendar.
G This key is used to Go to date.
T Helps to navigate the calendar to Today.
Shift+N Use this key to create a new Woven Event.
Shift+? It is used to show a keyboard shortcuts list.

Calendar shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
D Helps to Go to the Day View.
3 Use this key to Go to the 3-Day View.
W It is used to Show the Week view of the calendar.
2 This key will Go to a 2-week view.
C Helps to Toggle the Columns view on/off.
S Use this key to toggle showing the weekends on/off.

Maps shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
or Shift+M
Helps to Show Maps/Location view.
Shift+D Use this key to toggle showing travel routes with driving as the transportation option.
Shift+B It is used to toggle showing travel routes with biking as the transportation option.
Shift+W This key will toggle showing travel routes with walking as the transportation option.
Shift+P Helps to toggle showing travel routes with Public Transportation as the transportation option.
Shift+H Use this key to Toggle Showing/hiding home.

Even lists shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
\ It is used to Toggle Showing/hiding the Woven Event Panel.
Shift+T Helps to Navigate to Templates.
or Shift+S
This key will Navigate to Active Woven Events not yet scheduled (aka Drafts).
Shift+R It is used to Navigate to Archived Woven Events.
Shift+U Helps to Navigate to Woven Event Updates.
/ Use this key to Search All Woven Events.

Settings and misc shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Shift+C Helps to navigate to the list of Calendars.
Shift+, Use this key to Navigate to Settings.
Esc It is used to blur/bring out of focus any text field.

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