List of Shortcut keys for WavePad using keyboard!!!

WavePad: It is an audio editor for many platforms like Windows and Mac. The program lets users record, edit music, voice, and other audio. Effects like amplify, normalize, equalize, envelope, reverb can be added to recordings. This article will guide you to learn a List of Shortcut keys for WavePad using the keyboard. Let’s get into this article!!

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Last updated on April 30, 2021.

Download WavePad Shortcut Keys for Offline Study Here: WavePad.pdf

File Operations shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+N It is used to create a new file (new tab).
Ctrl+Shift+N Helps to Create a new file (new window).
Ctrl+O Use this key to open the file.
Ctrl+S It is used to Save files.
Ctrl+Shift+S This key will save files as.
Ctrl+W Helps to Close file.
Ctrl+Shift+O Use this key for Options.
Alt It will Show a Full Menu.

Play Operations shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F5 Used to Record.
Home Helps to Retake Recording.
F9 It is used to Play.
Space This key will Play/Pause.
F11 Helps to Play Slow Speed.
F10 It will Play at Normal Speed.
F12 Use this key to Play Fast Speed.
Shift+F9 Helps to Play Repeat.
Ctrl+Space It is used to Play Again.
F6 Used as a Scrub.
Esc Helps to Stop.
This key will Rewind.
It is used as a Fast Forward.

Move and Select Operations shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Home It is used to Go to Start.
End Helps to Go to End.
PageDown Use this key to Page Forward.
PageUp Takes to Page Back.
Ctrl+ Helps for Next Cutpoint.
Ctrl+ It is used for Previous Cutpoint.
Ctrl+Alt+ Use this key for Inch Forward.
Ctrl+Alt+ Helps for Inch Back.
Alt+ This key is used for Fine Forward.
Alt+ It is used for Fine Back.
Ctrl+A Helps to Select All.
Ctrl+Alt+A Use this key to Select None.
Ctrl+G It is used to Select Specified Time.
Ctrl+Shift+P Helps to Find and Select Peak Sample.
Shift+Home This key will Select to Start.
Shift+End Used to Select to End.
Ctrl+1 It will Mark the First Position.
Ctrl+2 Helps to Mark Second Position.
Ctrl+Alt+2 Use this key to Recall Mark Selection.

Edit Operations shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Z Helps to Undo.
Ctrl+Y Used to Redo.
Ctrl+X This key will Cut.
Ctrl+C It is used to Copy (or, Copy Cycle).
Ctrl+Shift+C Helps to Copy to System Clipboard.
Ctrl+V Use this key to Paste.
Shift+V It is used to Paste Cycle.
Ctrl+Shift+V This key will Paste from System Clipboard.
Ctrl+Alt+V Used for Paste Mix.
Del Helps to Delete.
Ctrl+Shift+D Use this key to Split.
Ctrl+J It is used for Batch Join.
Ctrl+D Used as a Duplicate.
Ctrl+Shift+N Helps to Copy to New.
Ctrl+Shift+8 It will Repeat Loop.
Ctrl+0 Use this key for Silence.
Ctrl+I It is used to Edit Sample.
Ctrl+T Helps to Trim.
Ctrl+M This key will Trim Start.
Ctrl+E Used to Trim End.

Command Bar shortcut:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Shift+A It is used to Show Command Bar.

Zoom Operations shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl++ Helps to Zoom In.
Ctrl+ It is used to Zoom Out.
Ctrl+Shift+F This key will Zoom Full.
Ctrl+Shift+Z It will Zoom To Selection.
Ctrl+Alt++ Use this key to Vertical Zoom In.
Ctrl+Alt+ Helps to Vertical Zoom Out.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F It is used as a Vertical Zoom Default.

Bookmarks and Regions shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+B Helps to Add Bookmark.
Ctrl+Shift+B It is used to Open Bookmark List.
Ctrl+R Use this key to Add Region.
Ctrl+Shift+R Helps to Open Region List.

Help shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F1 Use this key to Help Contents.

This article can learn the List of Shortcut keys for WavePad using the keyboard. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you know more shortcuts, leave them in the below comment section. Don’t forget to share your worthwhile feedback.

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