List of Magnet (window manager) Keyboard Shortcuts!!

Magnet is a window manager that can snap windows into any location on the display. It is used for decluttering the screen and works via keyboard shortcuts or menu bar. Magnet window is available on Mac Os. Here we will explain the complete list of Magnet window manager Keyboard Shortcuts. Let’s get started!!

Magnet (window manager) Logo
Magnet (window manager) Logo

Last updated on Oct 14, 2020.

Download Magnet (window manager) Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Magnet (window manager).PDF

Split windows Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Control+⌥ Option+ It is used to snap into the left half vertically
Control+⌥ Option+ This key will snap into the right half vertically
Control+⌥ Option+ Helps to snap into upper half horizontally
Control+⌥ Option+ It is used to snap into the bottom half horizontally

Snap to corners Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Control+⌥ Option+U It helps to snap into the top left
Control+⌥ Option+I Used to snap into the right
Control+⌥ Option+J This key will snap into the bottom left
Control+⌥ Option+K It is used to snap into the bottom right

Snap to thirds Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Control+⌥ Option+D It will show the left third
Control+⌥ Option+G This shortcut key is used to the right third
Control+⌥ Option+E Helps to left two thirds
Control+⌥ Option+T It is used to right two thirds

Display Shortcuts:


Shortcut Function
Control+⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+ It helps to show the previous display
Control+⌥ Option+⌘ Cmd+ Used to open the next display

Mice Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Control+⌥ Option+Enter It is used to maximize the window
Control+⌥ Option+C This shortcut key is used to the center 
Control+⌥ Option+Backspace Helps to restore

In this article, we will show the list of keyboard shortcuts for the Magnet window manager. If you have any quarries, drop it in the below comment section.


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