List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Eudora(Mac) – Easy Shortcuts!!!

Eudora: Eudora is a full-featured internet mail program from Qualcomm which is available for both Windows and Mac. It was open-source software owned by the Computer History Museum. It was available in light, sponsored, and paid versions. Often it was bundled with computers and ISP startup packages. Eudora was the first popular graphics-based mail program. Now it was popular, above 20 million people use it. If you use this for emails, the messages are stored in a local drive.

Uses of Eudora:

  • Eudora summons a great lightning storm.
  • Friendly internet email management via the graphical interface.
  • It is a master of lightning power who can manipulate lightning at her own will.

In this article, you will learn the shortcuts used in Eudora for macOS. Use these shortcuts to manage significant of your time.


Last Updated on Jan7, 2022. 

Shortcut Keys for Eudora:

In the below table, you will learn about shortcuts and their functions of the Eudora for Mac

Shortcuts Functions
⌘ Cmd+0 Make use of this key to open the Out mailbox.
⌘ Cmd+1 This key is used to open the In mailbox.
⌘ Cmd+6 If you want to check the spelling, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+⌥ Option+6 If you want to find the next misspelling, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+ Make use of this key to add an excerpt bar to the quote.
⌘ Cmd+⌥ Option+ To remove the excerpt bar from the quote, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+. Use this key to stop the current action.
⌘ Cmd+, If you want to finish the address book entry, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+[ Helps to find lower priority.
⌘ Cmd+] This key is used to raise the priority.
⌘ Cmd+A Make use of this key to select all.
⌘ Cmd+b Use this key to make the text bold.
⌘ Cmd+C By pressing this shortcut, the copies selection is saved to the clipboard.
⌘ Cmd+D If you want to delete a message, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+E To send immediately or queue for the delivery, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+F It Opens the find messages window.
⌘ Cmd+G This key is used to find again of the text.
⌘ Cmd+I If you want to make the text in italic, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+j Make use of this key to filter the messages.
⌘ Cmd+K It will make the address book entry.
⌘ Cmd+L Use this key to open the address book.
⌘ Cmd+M To check the mail, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+n It Opens a new message.
⌘ Cmd+O For opening the file, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+P This shortcut will Print a message.
⌘ Cmd+Q Make use of this key to quit Eudora.
⌘ Cmd+R This key is used to reply to the message.
⌘ Cmd+S It saves the current window.
⌘ Cmd+T This key will make the selected text is plain.
⌘ Cmd+U Use this key to underline the text.
⌘ Cmd+V This key is used to pastes from the clipboard.
⌘ Cmd+W Make use of this key to close one mailbox at a time.
⌘ Cmd+X To cut the text from the clipboard, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+Y If you want to open the directory, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+Z If you want to undo/redo the action, use this key.
⌘ Cmd+Tab It goes through all open mailboxes.
⌘ Cmd+Arrows Used to move from one file to another in the address book.
Arrows To move from one message to another in a mailbox, use this key.
Enter Use this key to select the outlined button in any dialog, alert, or window, or open the selected message’s URL.
Esc It stops any operation currently in progress.
F1 Make use of this key to undo/redo the action.
F2 This key is used to cut the text.
F3 Helps to Copy the text.
F4 To paste the text, use this key.
Page Up/Page Down This key is used to scroll up or down through the window.
Home Ir will scroll to the beginning of the mailbox window or to the beginning of the mailbox or beginning of the line in a message.
End Make use of this key to scroll to the end of the mailbox window or to the end of the line in a message.


You can use these Shortcut keys for macOS. Make sure to use these keyboard shortcuts to save your work time.

This article helped you to know the “List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Eudora.” If you have any other ideas or questions, do share them with us here in the comments section below. Thank you!!

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