List Of Keyboard Shortcut Keys For Zattoo~A Complete List

Zattoo: It is a  TV platform for IP-based transmission of television channels. It offers and works with telecommunication companies worldwide. It operates an end-to-end service and the entire TV platform including White Label applications. In the tutorial, we will be going to see the shortcut keys for Zattoo. Let’s see them below!!


Last updated on Feb 1, 2021.

Download Zattoo Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Zattoo.pdf

General shortcut Keys:

Shortcut Function
K It helps to Watch/Pause 
For changing the Next channel use this key
To change the Previous channel use this key
H It shows the Channel list
L This key used to Skip 60 seconds
J It helps to change the 30 seconds back
P To change picture-in-picture mode use this key
T Used to change the Cinema mode
F This key used for Full-screen mode
M Use this key to change Mute/Unmute
Helps to Volume up
 It helps to Used to change the Cinema mode

In this guide, you can get to know the list of Shortcut keys for Zattoo. Let us know if we missed any shortcut keys. Please state your worthwhile feedback in the below comment section. We will assist you.

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