List of Keyboard shortcut keys for Discourse ~ * A Simple List*

Discourse: It is an open-source Internet forum software found in 2013. It is written in JavaScript and Ruby. Discourse mainly aims to be social rather than technical. It is used in various internet forums, even if you don’t see its name. In this cheat sheet, we have shown the keyboard shortcut keys for Discourse. Let’s see them!!

Discourse logo
Discourse logo

Last updated on Apr 02, 2021.

Download Discourse Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Discourse.pdf

Jump to shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
G then H It helps to open the home page.
G then L This key is used for the latest page.
G then N It opens the new page.
G then U Helps to unread the window.
G then C Shows the categories of page.
G then T It helps to go to the top of the window.
G then B This key is used for bookmarks.
G then P It will show the profile page.
G then M Displays messages.
G then D It is used for drafts.
Shortcut Function
U It is the back option.
# Helps to go to the post # option.
K or J It is used to move the selection up/down.
O or Enter Helps to open the selected topic.
↑ Shift or J This key is used for the next section.
↑ Shift or K It is used for the previous section.

Application shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
= Helps to open the hamburger menu.
P It is used to open the user menu.
. This key is used to show the updated topics.
/ or Ctrl+Alt+F Helps to search the page.
? It is used to open keyboard help.
X then R This key helps to dismiss the new/posts.
X then T Helps to dismiss the topics.
↑ Shift+Z then ↑ Shift+Z It is used to log out.

Composing shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
↑ Shift+C It helps to return to the composer.
↑ Shift+F11 Helps to view the full screen.
C It is used to create a new topic.
T This key helps to reply as a linked topic.
↑ Shift+R It will reply to the topic.
R Helps to reply to the post.
Q Uses as a quote post.

Actions shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F It is used to toggle the bookmarked topic.
↑ Shift+P Helps to pin/unpin the topic.
↑ Shift+S This key helps to share the topic.
S Helps to share the post.
L It is used as a like post.
! This key is used as a flag post.
B Helps to bookmark the post.
E Used to edit the post.
D Helps to delete the post.
M then M This key will mute the topic.
M then R It is used as a regular (default) topic.
M then T Helps to track the topic.
M then W This key is used to watch the topic.
Ctrl+P Helps to print the topic.

From this post, you can easily learn the simple keyboard shortcut keys for Discourse. Mention your questions in the comment box below. I reply to queries frequently. Thank you.

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