List of Important Yahoo Mail Shortcut keys ~ A Simple Note

Yahoo Mail: It is one of the best email services and easy to use. It has four different plans one for business and the remaining three for personal. Here, we will guide you to learn the simple and useful Yahoo Mail Shortcut keys. Let’s see them below!!

Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Mail

Last updated on Feb 8, 2021.

Download Yahoo Mail Shortcuts for Offline Study Here:Yahoo Mail.pdf

Messages and Conversation:

Shortcut Function
R Used to reply to your message
A It helps to reply to all your message
F This is used to forward your message
K Helps mark as read
Shift+K Used mark as unread
L To star or unstar your message
P Helps to print the message
Del Used to delete the message
Shift+C It adds the sender to the contacts
D It is an open menu
D By pressing the number 1 to 9 your file will open
Ctrl+Shift+E To create a new folder
Helps to open the previous message
Used to type the next message
To highlight the previous card conversation
. It helps to mark the next card conversation

Attachment Previews:

Shortcut Function
Used to attach the previous attachment
Use this key to add the next attachment
↑↓ Helps to scroll through an attachment
Ctrl+F It helps to side by side view expand
Esc It will go to the previous mode
Ctrl++ It helps to zoom in the document
Ctrl+ To zoom out the document use this button

General Commands:

Shortcut Function
Del This button used to send the selected message to the trash
E It used to archives the selected message
M To check inbox from your mail
Shift+M Used to check all mail including accounts
N To compose a new email
V Turn On Or Turn Off the preview pane
S Helps to search
Ctrl+Shift+S To turn on voice command
Ctrl+Shift+X Helps to turn off the voice command


Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Shift+U It helps to attach the file
Ctrl+S The message saves as draft
Ctrl+Enter To send a message
Ctrl+U The button used to underline
Ctrl+B The purpose of this key is too bold
Ctrl+I Helps to change the style italics
Alt+Shift+5 It is used for strike through
Ctrl+Shift+E To type the center text
Ctrl+Shift+L For left alignment use this key
Ctrl+Shift+R Used for right alignment

Inbox Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
↑↓ It helps to highlight the next message
Space This key helps to check or uncheck a message
K It is used to mark as read
Shift+K To unmark use this button
L This is used to star/unstar a message
Ctrl+A You can view all messages
Ctrl+↑↓ In the list use this key to focus up or down
D It helps to open the menu
D By pressing the number 1 to 9 your will open the file
Ctrl+Shift+E To create a new folder
[ It helps to move to the previous tab
] This is used to navigate to the next tab

Here, we have described the List of Important Yahoo Mail Shortcut keys. Hope you like it. If you know more shortcuts, then share them with us. Thank you!!

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