List of Gitter keyboard shortcut keys~ *A Simple list*

Gitter: It is an open-source instant messaging system for users of GitHub. It has a free option that gives us all basic features like private chat rooms. Like Slack, Gitter saves all messages in the cloud. On this page, we have shown the list of Gitter keyboard shortcut keys. Let’s get started!!

Gitter Logo
Gitter Logo

Last updated on April 07, 2021.

Download Gitter Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Gitter.pdf

Global shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
? Helps to open keyboard shortcut help.
Ctrl+/ It will toggle the compose mode.
Q or R Use this key to quote the selected text.
Ctrl+S It is used to focus the search input.
Ctrl+ ↑ Shift+C Helps to focus the chat input.
Ctrl+ ↑ Shift+M This key is used to show the markdown help.
Ctrl+ ↑ Shift+K It will show the keyboard shortcuts.
Ctrl+ ↑ Shift+19 Helps to open items at the numbered positions in the menu bar.
↑ ↓ Use this key to navigate up and down the left menu once you have focus.
← → It is used to navigate between the menu bar and the conversation list in the left menu once you have focus.
Enter Helps to go to the selected room once you have focus.

Chat mode shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Enter It will send a message when in compose mode.
Helps to edit the previous messages (when possible).

In this article, we have discussed a few lists of Gitter keyboard shortcut keys. I hope you all will get a clear idea about these shortcut keys. If you have any doubt kindly post your comments in the comment section.

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