List of Gerrit Web UI Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Quick Shortcuts!!

Gerrit Web UI: It is a web-based code collaboration software. It allows developers to see each other’s modifications on the source code using a web browser and allows approval or reject these changes. In this tutorial, we will guide you to learn the simple List of Gerrit Web UI Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Let’s get started!!

Gerrit Web UI Logo
Gerrit Web UI Logo

Last updated on July 08, 2021.

Download Gerrit Web UI Shortcuts Offline Study Here: Gerrit Web UI.pdf

Application shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
? It will open shortcut help.
\ Helps to search.
Shortcut Function
J Use this key for the next file.
K Helps with the previous files.
N It is used for the next patch set.
P This key will be used as the previous patch set.
] Helps to open commit message.
[ It will open the last file.
or O
Use this key for open diff.
R Helps to reload change.
U This key will up to change list.

Jumping shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
G then A It is used to go to all abandoned changes.
G then M Helps to go to all merged changes.
G then O This key will go to all open changes.
G then C It will go to draft comments.
G then D Used to go to drafts.
G then I Helps to go to my dashboard.
G then S This key will go to starred changes.
G then W Use this key to go to watched changes.

Actions shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
C Helps to add reviewers.
Z This key will collapse all messages.
X It is used to expand all messages.
A Helps to review and publish comments.
S Use this key to star or unstar change.
R It will toggle reviewed flag.

Here, we described the List of Gerrit Web UI Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Hope you like this article. Don’t forget to share your worthwhile feedback in the below comment section.

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