List of FreeCAD keyboard shortcut keys~ “A Brief List”

FreeCAD: It is a free and open-source 3D CAD modeler. This software is mostly used for mechanical engineering product design. Thanks to FreeCAD’s open nature, users can extend its functionality using the Python programming language. On this page, We guide you to learn the simple List of FreeCAD keyboard shortcut keys. Let’s see them below!!

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Last updated on April 08, 2021.

Download FreeCAD Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: FreeCAD.pdf

File shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+E Helps to export the file.
Ctrl+I It is used to import the file.
Ctrl+N This key will open the new file.
Ctrl+O Helps to open the file.
Ctrl+P It is used to print the file.
Alt+F4 Use this key to exit the file.
Ctrl+R Helps to recompute.
Ctrl+S It is used to save the file.

Edit shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+C It will copy the file.
Ctrl+X Helps to cut the file.,
Del This key will Del the file.
Ctrl+V It is used to paste the file.
Ctrl+Y Use this key to redo.
F5 Helps to refresh.
Ctrl+Z This key will undo.

Standart-view shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Shift+B It is used for box selection.
Alt+F11 This key helps for the full screen.
V then O Helps for orthographic view.
V then P It is used for the perspective view.
Ctrl+D Use this key for appearance.
Esc Helps to toggle navigation/edit mode.
Space It is used for toggle visibility.
5 Helps for the bottom option.
Ctrl+B This key is used for the box zoom option.
V then D It is used for the dock.
V then F Use this key to fit all.
V then S Helps with fit selection.
1 opens the front page.
F11 It is used to view the full screen.
0 This key is used for Isometric.
6 Use this key for the left.
4 Helps to rear.
3 Takes to the right.
Shift+ Used to rotate left.
Shift+ This key will rotate right.
2 Helps to go to the top.
V then U It is used for undocked.
Ctrl++ Use this key to zoom in.
Ctrl+ Helps to zoom out.

Window shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Tab Helps to open the next tab.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab It moves to the previous tab.
Ctrl+F4 Used to close the window.

Help shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F1 It is the help option.
Shift+F1 Used to see What is this?

Sketcher shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
C then C Helps for CarbonCopy.
Ctrl+Shift+S It is used for close shape.
Shift+R Use this key to constrain the arc or circle.
Ctrl+C Helps to copy.
Ctrl+Shift+K It is used to connect edges.
A This key is used for constrain angle.
C Helps to constrain coincidently.
Shift+D Used for the constrain distance.
Shift+H It helps to constrain the horizontal distance.
Shift+V This key will helps to constrain vertical distance.
E It will constrain equally.
H Helps to constrain horizontally.
Ctrl+A Use this key to constrain InternalAlignment.
Shift+P It is used to constrain parallel.
N This key will constrain perpendicular.
Shift+O Helps constrain the object.
S Used to constrain the symmetry.
T It is used to constrain tangents.
V Helps to constrain vertically.
F Used to create the fillet.
L This key is used to create a line.
R Helps to create a rectangle.
T then E It is used to extend the edge.
X Use this key for external geometry.
Ctrl+M Helps to move.
Ctrl+Shift+E This key is used to show/hide internet geometry.
Ctrl+Shift+E It is used to select conflicting constraints.
Ctrl+Shift+C Helps to select constraints.
Ctrl+Shift+E Use this key to select elements associated with constraints.
Ctrl+Shift+H This will helps to select the horizontal axis.
Ctrl+Shift+O It is used to select the origin.
Ctrl+Shift+R Helps to select redundant constraints.
Ctrl+Shift+V Used to select vertical axis.
C then M This key will toggle construction geometry.
T then R Helps to trim the edge.

Macros shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+F6 It is used to execute the macro.
F6 Helps to debug a macro.
F11 Use this key to step into.
F10 It is used for step over.
Shift+F6 Helps to stop debugging.
F9 Used to toggle a breakpoint.

Standard – Test shortcut:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+T Helps for test1.

Misc shortcut:

Shortcut Function
F2 Used to rename the item.

From this post, you can easily learn the simple list of FreeCAD keyboard shortcut keys. Mention your questions in the comment box below. I reply to queries frequently. Thank you.

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