List of Claws Mail keyboard shortcut keys~ *A Complete List*

Claws Mail: It is an open-source email and news client. Claws Mail runs on Windows and Unix-like systems. It is known for its easy configuration, a plethora of features. On this page, We guide you to learn the simple List of  Claws Mail keyboard shortcut keys. Let’s see them below!!

ClawsMail Logo
Claws Mail Logo

Last updated on April 08, 2021.

Download Claws Mail Shortcut keys for Offline Study Here: Claws Mail.pdf

Main window shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+P Helps to print.
Ctrl+W It is used to work offline.
Ctrl+Shift+S Use this key to synchronize folders.
Ctrl+S It helps to save as a file.
Ctrl+Q Helps to exit.
Ctrl+C This key is used to copy the file.
Ctrl+A It will select all the files.
Ctrl+F Use this key to find in the current message.
Shift+Ctrl+F Helps to search the folder.
Ctrl+T It is used to toggle the threaded display.
N or This key helps to go to the next mail-in Message List. The Down arrow does the same.
P or Helps to go to previous mail. The Up arrow is a synonym.
Shift+N It is used to go to the next unread mail.
Shift+P Use this key to go to previous unread mail.
G It will go to the other folder.
Ctrl+U Helps to show the message source.
Ctrl+H It is used to show all message headers.
V This key will toggle the message view panel visibility. When invisible, the Message List expands itself to fill the full window height, and more summary lines are displayed.
/ Helps the positions the cursor on the Quick search field, also opening the Quick search panel if needed.
Ctrl+Alt+U It is used to update the summary.
Ctrl+I Use this key to get mail from your current account.
Shift+Ctrl+I Helps to get mail from all accounts.
Ctrl+M This key is used to compose a new message.
Ctrl+R It will reply to emails.
Shift+Ctrl+R Helps to reply to all the emails.
Ctrl+L This key will reply to the mailing list.
Ctrl+Alt+F It is used to forward the message.
Ctrl+O Helps to move.
Shift+Ctrl+O This key will copy.
Ctrl+D It is used to move to the trash.
Shift+D Helps to empty all trash folders.
Shift+* Use this key to mark the message.
U It will unmark the message.
Shift+! Helps to mark the message as unread.
Shift+Ctrl+A It is used to open the address book.
X This key will execute.
Shift+Ctrl+L Helps to open the log window.
Ctrl+F12 It is used to toggle menu bar visibility.
F11 It helps to open the full screen.

Compose window shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Enter It is used to send the mail.
Shift+Ctrl+S Helps to send later.
Ctrl+M This key will attach the file.
Ctrl+I It is used to insert the file.
Ctrl+G Helps to insert a signature.
Ctrl+S Use this key to save.
Ctrl+W It will close the mail.
Ctrl+Z Helps to undo.
Ctrl+Y Used to redo.
Ctrl+X This key will cut.
Ctrl+C It is used to copy.
Ctrl+V Use this key to paste.
Ctrl+A Helps to select all the file.
Ctrl+B It is used to move a character backward.
Ctrl+F This key will move a character forward.
Ctrl+E Helps to move to the end of the line.
Ctrl+P Use this key to move a previous line.
Ctrl+N It will move the next line.
Ctrl+H Helps to delete a character backward.
Ctrl+D It is used to delete a character forward.
Ctrl+U Helps to delete the line.
Ctrl+K This key is will delete to the end of the line.
Ctrl+L It is used to wrap the current paragraph.
Ctrl+Alt+L Use this key to wrap all long lines.
Shift+Ctrl+L Helps to toggle auto wrapping.
Shift+Ctrl+X It is used to edit with an external editor.
Shift+Ctrl+A This key will open the address book.

From this post, you can easily learn the simple list of Claws Mail keyboard shortcut keys. Mention your questions in the comment box below. I reply to queries frequently. Thank you.

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