Lichess Game Keyboard Shortcut Keys – { 50+ Easy Shortcuts}

Lichess: It is a free and open-source chess server. It allows anyone to play online chess anonymously, and it was launched in June 2010. This page will explain the List of Lichess Game Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Let’s see them below!!

Lichess Logo
Lichess Logo

Last updated on June 23, 2021.

Download Lichess Shortcuts Offline Study Here: Lichess.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
E It is used to open books.
S This shortcut key will search.
F Helps to flip the board.
It is used for the next move.
Use this key for the previous move.
L Helps for local eval.
Z It is used for zen mode.
X This key will show a threat.
C Helps to chat focus.
Esc It will chat unfocus.
Use this key for starting position.
Helps for the ending position.
Space It is used to play the best move.

In studies shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
D It is used to comment on this position.
G This shortcut key will annotate with glyphs.

In analysis mode/studies shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
← → or
J or
Helps to move backward / forward.
↑ ↓ It is used to go to start/end.
Shift+← →
or Shift+J or
This key will enter / exit variation.
L Helps to toggle local computer analysis.
Z It will toggle all computer analyses.
A Use this key to computer arrows.
Space Helps to play the best move.
X It is used to show threats.
E This key will be opening/endgame explorer.
F Helps to flip the board.
C It will chat focus.
Esc Use this key to chat unfocus.
Shift+C Helps to show/hide comments.
It is used to draw circles and arrows on the board.

Here, we have described the List of Lichess Game Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Hope you like this article. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them with us.

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