List of Keyboard Shortcuts Available for Twitter ~ Easy Tutorial!!

Twitter is one of the social networking services. Here the user post and interacts with messages known as “tweets”. On Twitter, registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. In this guide, we come up with a list of shortcuts available for Twitter. Let’s see them below!!


Last updated on Jan 20, 2021.

Download Twitter Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Twitter.pdf

General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
J It will help to move forward between tweets
K This key will move backward between tweets
F Helps to add the selected tweet to favorite
R It will help to reply to the selected tweet
? This key will help to show twitter keyboard shortcuts
. Helps to move to the top of your Twitter feed
N Helps to compose a new tweet
Ctrl+Enter This shortcut key will send the tweet you’ve just written
G+N It will display your notification
G+U This key will go to someone else’s profile
G+H While browsing someone else’s profile, this key go back to your timeline

More Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
M Helps to direct message
U This shortcut key will mute the user
B Helps to block the user
/ Used to search
Space This shortcut key will show the next page
G+O Helps to view the moments
B+R This key will help to mention
G+L It will help to show the likes
G+I This shortcut key will show the lists
G+M Used for message
G+S Helps to show the settings

From this short tutorial, you can easily learn the simple keyboard shortcuts available for Twitter. Mention your questions in the comment box below. I reply to queries frequently. Thank you.

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