Keyboard Shortcuts for tmux ~ A Useful Guide!!

Here we will discuss the tmux Keyboard Shortcuts. tmux is a terminal multiplexer. It allows the user to access the single window with multiple terminal sessions. It is available on Unix based operating systems.

tmux Logo
tmux Logo

Last updated on Oct 17, 2020.

Download tmux  Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: tmux.PDF

Sessions Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+BthenS It is used to show all sessions
Ctrl+Bthen$ This key will rename the session
Ctrl+Bthen( Helps to move to the previous session
Ctrl+Bthen) It will move to the next session
Ctrl+BthenD This key is used to detach from the session

Windows Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+BthenC It is used to create a window
Ctrl+BthenN This key will show the next window
Ctrl+Bthen09 It helps to switch or select a window by the number
Ctrl+Bthen, It will rename the current window
Ctrl+BthenP This key helps to show the previous window

Panes Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Bthen; It is used to toggle the last active pane
Ctrl+Bthen% This key will split the pane vertically
Ctrl+Bthen It is used to split pane horizontally
Ctrl+Bthen{ Helps to move the current pane to left
Ctrl+Bthen} This shortcut key will help to move the current pane to the right
Ctrl+Bthen← ↑ → ↓ It is used to switch the pane to the direction
Ctrl+BthenQ This shortcut key will show the pane numbers
Ctrl+BthenZ Helps to toggle pane zoom
Ctrl+Bthen! It is used to convert a pane into a window
Ctrl+BthenUpdown or
Ctrl+BthenCtrl+↑ ↓
Helps to resize the current pane height
Ctrl+Bthen← → or
Ctrl+BthenCtrl+← →
It is used to resize the current pane width
Ctrl+BthenSpace This key will toggle between pane layouts
Ctrl+BthenO Helps to switch to next pane
Ctrl+BthenX It will close the current pane

Copy mode Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Bthen[ It will enter the copy mode
Ctrl+BthenPage Up This key is used to enter the copy mode and the scroll one page up
Q It helps to Quite a mode
G Used to go to the top line
↑ ↓ This shortcut key will help to scroll up/down
H It will help to move the cursor on the left
J This shortcut key is used to move the cursor on the down
K Helps to move the cursor up
L Used to move the cursor on the right
W It will move the cursor forward one word at a time
B It helps to move the cursor backward one word at a time
/ This key is used to search forward
? It will help to search backward
N Used to next keyword occurrence
Shift+N This key will helps to previous keyword occurrence
Space Helps to start a selection
Esc It will clear the selection
Enter This key helps to copy the selection
Ctrl+Bthen] Used to paste contents of buffer_0

From this article, you can get to know the simple Keyboard shortcuts for tmux. If you have any doubts/suggestions then leave it in the below comment section.

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