Keyboard Shortcuts for SnapStream ~ Simple Guide!!

SnapStream: It is mainly used for searching, recording, and monitoring television. It is used in many entertainments, education institutes, and government organizations. In this chapter, we have shown the list of keyboard shortcuts for SnapStream. Let’s see them!!


Last updated on Feb 3, 2021.

Download SnapStream Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: SnapStream.pdf

Playback Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Space It used to play or pause
, To skip 7 seconds back 
Shift+, Used to skip 1 second
. This key helps to skip 30 seconds forward
Shift+. To skip 1-second forward use this key
If you want to rewind(3 seconds) use this key
This button helps to fast-forward(3 speeds)
Ctrl+ It skips to the start
Ctrl+ Goes to the end
Q It is a Zoom track bar
F11 Used to show the full screen
or+ To maintain  the volume 
Ctrl+D Helps to capture the screenshot
[ or] Playback setting was done by using this key
During paused we use this key to Step backward
During paused we use this key to Step backward
M It helps to mute


Shortcut Function
Z The clip will start
X It helps to end the clip
C It shows the clip
V This key helps to skip the start 
B Used to  skip end 
Option+Shift+, It is used start point back (1 second)
Option+Shift+. Helps to start forward point (1 second)
Option+. End the clip back (1 second)
Option+, To clip forward (1 second)
J It helps to jump
Ctrl+L Use this key to loop clip
S To save clip in bookmark

Playlist shortcut:

Shortcut Function
Shift+ This helps to show the previous playlist
Shift+ It shows the next item in the playlist

Search Results:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+ To search the previous from the current record
Ctrl+ This helps to search the next from the current record

From this tutorial, we have described the list of keyboard shortcuts for SnapStream. Hope you like it. Let me know your feedback in the below comment section. Thank you!!

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