Keyboard Shortcuts for Remote Desktop – {All Hotkeys}

Remote Desktop: Remote Desktop is a program or an operating system that allows a “Client” computer to “Host” computer from a remote location. The remote access of the computer is approved by PTI and licensed for use with the product server. In Remote Desktop, you can control and use the applications and files on the host from anywhere. It is available through the Microsoft Store to access and control the resources and data of a remote, or host, computer using an Internet Connection. Furthermore, it was designed to make it easier to connect and control other devices

Uses of Remote Desktop:

  • You can save money by using this desktop.
  • Boost Employee Productivity
  • It provides additional features and encryption services for data security.
  • With Remote Desktop services, you need not worry about any configuration.

In this article, you will learn the Shortcuts used in Remote Desktop. Use these shortcut keys to save a significant amount of your time.

Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop

Last Updated on Jan7, 2022.

Shortcut Keys for Remote Desktop:

In the below table, you will learn about shortcuts and their functions used in Remote Desktop.

Shortcuts Functions
Alt+PAGE UP Use this key to switch between programs from left to right.
Ctrl+Esc Make use of this key to switch the client between a window and full screen.
Alt+Home To display the start menu, use this key.
Ctrl+Alt+ This key is used to place a snapshot of the active window in the Remote Desktop session on the clipboard.
Ctrl+Alt++ Places a snapshot of the entire desktop Remote Desktop session window on the clipboard, use this key.
Ctrl+Alt+End If you want to display the task manager, use this key.


You can use these shortcut keys in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Make sure to use these shortcut keys correctly.

From this article, you can get to know about the “Keyboard Shortcuts for Remote Desktop “. Thank you for reading this article. If you have any comments and queries regarding this article, please mention them in the comment section.

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