Keyboard Shortcuts for LXDE- A Complete List !!!

LXDE Keyboard Shortcuts:


In this article, we will guide you to know about the complete list of LXDE Keyboard Shortcuts. LXDE is one of the Linux desktop environment that aims to low resource requirements.

Last updated on Oct 02, 2020.

LXDE Specific Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Alt+Tab It shows the window list
Super+EorCtrl+Alt+D Opens the PC Man file manager
Super+RorAlt+F2 Helps to run the LXPanel
Alt+F1orCtrl+esc It will show the LXPanel Menu
Ctrl+Alt+Del This Shortcut opens the LXTask manager
Ctrl+Alt+T It is used to open the terminal
Ctrl+Alt+L It helps to Lock the screen

Lubuntu Specific Binding Shortcut:

Shortcut Function
Alt+Print Screen It is used to take a screenshot

LXDE / Open box shortcuts:

Shortcuts Function
Ctrl+Alt+←↑→↓ This shortcut key is used to go to desktop by direction
Super+F1 It goes to desktop1
Super+F2 Helps to go to the desktop2
Super+F3 It is used to go to the desktop3
Super+F4 Goes to the desktop4
Shift+Alt+←↑→↓ It will send to the desktop
Super+D Used to the toggle show desktop
Alt+F4 It helps to close the window
Alt+Esc This shortcut key will hide the window
Alt+Space It shows the Window menu
Alt+Tab It is used to open the next window
Alt+Shift+Tab Helps to open the previous window
Super+Shift+←↑→↓ This shortcut key is used to goes to the windows by direction
F11 It shows the Toggle fullscreen

From the above article, you will get to know the simple keyboard shortcuts for LXDE. If this article is useful then leave your feedback in the comment section.

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